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PUBL.- Turkestani Legion: Unread Pages of History (in Uzbek)

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PUBL.- Turkestani Legion: Unread Pages of History (in Uzbek)

Posted by: Hamid Ismailov <>

Turkestani Legion: Unread Pages of History (in Uzbek)
by BBC Uzbek Service (Author of the project, Preface and the Play -
Hamid Ismailov, Producer - Luiza Iskandariy)

This is a documentary book on Turkestani Legion, for the first time
seen from inside. The book is based on exclusive, first-hand
documents and pictures, stories of witnesses and participants of the
events during the World War II.

Publisher: Vagant-Profit, Bishkek (Library of BBC Uzbek)
ISSN: 978-9967-23-948-7
Extent: 92 pages

Book Description

The Turkestan Legion was the general name for the military units of
exiles and POWs from Central Asia that fought in the German Army
during World War II. The Legion was formed in the spring of 1942 as
part of the German 162nd Infantry Division, referred as the "Turkoman
Division." It saw extensive action in Yugoslavia and Italy.
According to different estimates it consisted of 150-200 thousand
soldiers. The book publishes brief memoirs of the prominent figures
of Turkestani Legion: Veli Kayum-khan, Baymirza Hayit, Ruzi Nazar,
Husayn Ikram and others as well as pictures from the archive of
Legion's leader Veli Kayum-khan. The book also includes a script of a
radioplay "Arosat" and its audio version on a CD.

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