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CALL FOR CONTRIB.- Int'l Conference: Mitigating the Effects of Aral Crisis, Tashkent

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CALL FOR CONTRIB.- Int'l Conf.: Mitigating the Effects of Aral Crisis, Tashkent

Posted by: Nilufarkhon Kamalova <>

Call for Contributions

International Conference in Tashkent dedicated to the issues on
mitigating the unfavorable effects of Aral Crisis

In January 2008 the Government of Uzbekistan and UNDP are planning to
organize an International Conference dedicated to the issues on
mitigating the unfavorable effects of Aral Crisis. It is expected,
that the conference will bring together government officials,
representatives of international organizations and development
agencies, civil society, academia and other development stakeholders.
In this connection, the conference is expected to contribute the
dialogue on environmental and socio-economic issues of Aral Sea Basin
between various development partners.

The conference preparation process entails the development of several
thematic and sector-specific background documents, as well as concept
of the event which will summarize the salient issues of Aral Crisis,
and will define goals and objectives of the event.

In this regard, we would highly appreciate if donor organizations,
research institutions and other development stakeholders could share
with us:
* Advice and documentation on the process of organizing such a
conference, including agendas, participant lists, background
documents, presentations;
* Reports, studies and other research materials related to the Aral
Sea Crisis, and its impact to socio-economic development, environment,
climate and biodiversity change;
* Names and CVs of eminent experts that you have worked with in this
* Video and photo materials related to Aral Sea Crisis.

I would therefore appreciate if contributions can be sent directly to
my email ( and copied to my colleagues

Thank you in advance for your support,

Kind regards,

Nilufarkhon Kamalova
Development Aid Coordination (DAC) Component Coordinator
UNDP Support to WIS Project, Uzbekistan
Tel.: (998 71) 1500202
Fax: (998 71) 3614548

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