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PUBL.- Central Asia: Governance, Geopolitics, and Development Challenges

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PUBL.- Central Asia: Governance, Geopolitics, and Development Challenges

Posted by: Verena Fritz <>

This ODI Briefing Paper focuses on the development challenges facing
Central Asia, and argues that these are neglected - by the development
community which cares more about other regions (in particular
Sub-Saharan Africa), as well as by the international policy community
which views the region from a political and geopolitical perspective.
However, poverty, insecurity, sharply increased inequality, and poor
governance present fundamental development challenges in the region.

The 'dual neglect' has two negative consequences: firstly, the region
receives few inputs in terms of development research and policy
attention. Secondly, external engagement that is motivated
predominantly by geopolitical concerns can actively contribute to a
lack of broad-based social, political and economic development.

This Briefing Paper argues that the EU and European countries should
be more engaged from a developmental perspective.

The author makes five proposals to guide a more intensive engagement
of the EU and of European donors with the region:
- Greater foreign policy engagement by the EU and its members in
Central Asia needs to be matched by greater engagement on development
issues facing the region.
- As the EU and European countries intensify their development
engagement, they need to coordinate to a greater extent, at the
strategic as well as at the operational level.
- Coming to grips with a challenging governance environment will
require a balance between driving reforms and promoting stability.
- An important component in promoting better gov­ernance is the
encouragement of linkages between Central Asian countries and the
wider world.
- The EU needs to engage with others, most impor­tantly with China
and Russia; as well as with other OECD/DAC donors.

The Briefing Paper can be accessed at:

Dr Verena Fritz
Research Fellow, Poverty and Public Policy
Overseas Development Institute
phone: +44 20 7922 0396

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PUBL.- Best Practices for Legal Education (in Russian)

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PUBL.- Best Practices for Legal Education (in Russian)

Posted by: Jeffrey Renz <>

"Best Practices for Legal Education," by Roy Stuckey and Others,
represents the most current thinking about legal education in the
United States. It includes chapters on assessment, clinical
education, and non-clinical education.

It is now available in its Russian translation at

Click on Law Teaching Resources. The file
is in Microsoft Word and is a total of 3 mb. The English version is
available at

Thanks to Roy Stuckey for the permission to translate this excellent

Prof. Jeffrey T. Renz
School of Law
The University of Montana
32 Campus Drive
Missoula, Montana 59812

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PUBL.- Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst, 11 July 2007, Is Online

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PUBL.- Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst, 11 July 2007, Is Online

Posted by: Svante Cornell <>

This issue of the Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst features analytical
articles on the UN report on the shelling of Upper Abkhazia, the
upcoming Bishkek summit of the SCO, the ethnic riots in Stavropol and
trends in the Russian extreme-right, and the 'information war' in
Central Asia. Field reports cover the new contacts between Azerbaijanis
and Armenians, the firing of Baku's police chief, the strengthening hold
of Kazakhstan's ruling party, and escalating tensions in South Ossetia.
See full contents below:

Note: New Publications:

"The New Silk Roads: Transport and Trade in Greater Central Asia"
Edited By S. Frederick Starr, 510 pages. Download chapters at:

China and Eurasia Forum Quarterly, May Issue Is Online
With articles by Daniel Burghart, Michael Mihalka, Braekhus & Overland,
Olga Oliker, and Sebastien Peyrouse, among others. Download at:

The 11 July issue of the Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst (Volume 9, no.
14) is now online at The PDF version
of the entire issue is available at:

Full contents:

Analytical Articles

Russia's Attack on Georgia: the U.N. Report
David J. Smith

SCO Seeks to Expand, Consolidate after Bishkek Summit
Erica Marat

The Stavropol Riots: Trends in the Russian Extreme-Right
Dmitry Shlapentokh

Getting a Step Ahead: The West's Role in the New Information War
Benjamin Abner

Field Reports

Renewed Contacts Between Armenians and Azerbaijanis Brings
New Hope to Stalled Conflict
Haroutiun Khachatrian

President Aliyev Sacks Baku Police Chief
Azer Kerimov

Ruling Party Strengthens Hold in Kazakhstan, Restructures
Marat Yermukanov

Tensions Escalate in South Ossetia
Niklas Nilsson

News Digest:

The Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst is a bi-weekly publication of the
Central Asia-Caucasus Institute & Silk Road Studies Program, a Joint
Center affiliated with Johns Hopkins University-SAIS and Uppsala
University, Sweden.

The CACI Analyst welcomes submissions of articles and field reports. At
this moment, we are particularly interested in submissions on
development, economics and finance matters in Central Asia and the
Caucasus region, but all inquiries are welcome. Please contact the
Editor, Svante Cornell, at with a short description of
your article idea. Editorial principles are online at

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CALL FOR PARTICIPATION- Photography Competition: Uzbekistan - the Heart of Central Asia: Traditions and Culture - Shaping the Future

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CALL FOR PARTIC.- Photography Competition: Uzbekistan - Heart of Central Asia

Posted by: Diana Bayzakova <>

Call for participation

The United Nations Development Programme in Uzbekistan, Chamber of
Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the "Economic
Review" magazine would like to invite amateur photographers, who have
visited Uzbekistan and taken photographs of the country, to
participate in a photography competition named "Uzbekistan - the Heart
of Central Asia. Traditions and Culture ­ Shaping the Future"


The objective of the exhibition is to illustrate contemporary life in
Uzbekistan and show how traditions and culture may shape the future of
the nation through photographic images made by foreign visitors
traveling across the country.


The key subject of the exhibition is traditions and culture of
Uzbekistan. This theme includes such issues as traditional way of
living, nation-wide holidays and local festivals, cultural heritage,
traditional garments, art and crafts and how the cultural inheritance
may influence development prospects.


Amateur photographers who are non-residents of the Republic of
Uzbekistan, those who are currently living in the country of have
previously visited it.

Eligibility criteria:
1. You may send us a series of photos (up to 5 items), as well as
single photos; the minimum size is 30x40 centimeter;
2. Photos made by digital cameras should be sent on CDs in the JPEG,
TIF or PSD format with minimal resolution of 300 dpi (the maximum size
of the biggest side is 40 centimeters);
3. New and previously published photos are acceptable, so long as they
were not presented at the photo exhibitions "Uzbekistan ­ the Heart of
Central Asia" 2005 and 2006.
4. By sending photos for the exhibition the authors agree for placing
them in our printed photo catalogue and on

web-site, as well as for using the photos at the pages of "Economic
Review" magazine and placing them in the photobase of the mentioned
5. There are no participation and/or registration fees.
6. The participants of the exhibition will receive a copy of the photo
7. Only amateur photographers are admitted to participate in this
photo exhibition.
8. Each submitted photo should have an annotation (name of the
photographer, his/her contact details, title of the photo, date and
place the photo was taken).
9. Application forms, photos and/or media with appropriate files
should be submitted by November 10, 2007, to the following address:
5, 1 Tupik, Usmon Nosyr str., 100070, Tashkent, Uzbekistan ­ with note
"For Photo Exhibition".

Selection criteria:

Within the exhibition the Selection Committee will provide selection of
all photos. The Committee includes both organizers and professional
photographers and artists.

The presented photos will be evaluated as per the following criteria:

- The compliance of the photo content to the subject and the goal of
the exhibition;
- art value of the photo;
- technical quality of the photo.

The closing date for submission is November 10, 2007

For further information regarding the photo competition please contact
Ms. Nadejda Kim at

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JOB- Program Assistant for Faculty Initiatives, American Councils

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JOB- Program Assistant for Faculty Initiatives, American Councils

Posted by: ACIE - JFDP <>

[Note: This posting was received late; contact to the posting organization to
determine if the opening still exists.]

Posting Closes: July 19, 2007


The Program Assistant in the Division of Faculty Initiatives is an
entry-level position, reporting to the Senior Program Manager. The
Program Assistant works as part of a team to help coordinate and
support activities associated with the administration of an exchange
program for faculty from Eurasia and Southeast Europe, handling
program-related matters including host university recruitment,
selection and placements, participant monitoring, program evaluation,
as well as logistical issues connected with participant travel,
orientation, housing, insurance, and stipends.


- Help facilitate the overseas and domestic travel of program staff,
consultants and participants, including correspondence with American
Councils' field offices, participants, and host institutions, travel
itinerary requests, preparation of informational materials, and visa
- Provide maintenance support to exchange participants in the U.S.,
including but not limited to travel, housing, insurance matters,
payment of monthly stipends and bills, professional development
reimbursements, and consistent and regular correspondence; - Assist
in evaluating participants' academic progress and activities,
including analyzing academic plans, reports, and training proposals,
and acting as a liaison with host institutions;
- Uphold the program's grant terms with respect to participants'
activities and expenses during the program;
- Help maintain participant, alumni and financial databases.
- Assist in the processing of participant and host university
applications including but not limited to preparing for selection
committee meetings; compiling testing/interview rosters; processing
acceptance and rejection letters and host university placements;
- Assist in organizing and executing orientations and conferences,
including arranging travel, accommodations, guest speakers, cultural
events and banquets, as well as preparing and executing seminars and
workshops for participants
- Preparing drafts of required program reports;
- Assist in the creation of and planning for follow-on initiatives; and,
- Contribute to ongoing faculty program planning and development.


- Bachelor's degree in related field;
- Strong writing and communication skills, (Eurasian or Southeastern
language skills preferable);
- Demonstrated organizational ability and problem-solving skills;
- Experience working with individuals from other cultures,
(Experience living abroad is desirable);
- Ability to manage multiple priorities quickly and effectively;
- Ability to work independently while contributing to an overall team effort;
- High attention to detail and strong administrative skills:
- Effective interpersonal skills; and,
- Strong computer programming and database skills.

To apply:

Send letter/resume and salary requirements to HR Department, American
Councils, 1776 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20036.
Fax: 202-872-9178 or 202-833-7523; email: Affirmative Action / Equal Opportunity Employer.

American Councils for International Education: ACTR/ACCELS is an
international not-for-profit organization working to advance
education, research, and mutual understanding across the United States
and the nations of Eastern Europe, Eurasia, and Southeast Europe. Its
mission is to foster democratic development and civil societies by
advancing education and research, cultivating leadership, and
empowering individuals and institutions through learning. With a staff
of 400 professionals in 17 countries, American Councils designs,
implements, and supports innovative programs in education, community
outreach, and scholarly research.

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CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS- The Press in Central Asia since Independence

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CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS- The Press in Central Asia since Independence

Posted by: Eric Freedman <>

Call for Chapters for The Press in Central Asia since Independence

Editors: Eric Freedman, Michigan State University, and Richard Shafer,
University of North Dakota


The dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 led to independence for
the former Central Asian republics of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan,
Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Early hopes for democracy
there, including press freedom, failed to come to fruition, and the
five regimes still maintain varying but severe restraints on the
media, including censorship, harassment and intimidation, tax audits,
licensing regulations, and onerous libel suits and criminal
prosecutions. The five governments generally regard the press as a
tool for developing national identity and promoting statehood, not as
an independent player or watchdog in a system of checks and balances.
Many talented journalists have emigrated, while many of those who
remain still adhere to Soviet press legacies.

The Overall Objective of the Book

This book will explore the press in Central Asia since independence.
It will put these press systems individually and collectively into the
context of largely failed efforts to democratize post-communist,
authoritarian regimes in a strategic world region with no history of
democracy or independent press.

Recommended topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

- The press systems of one or more off the five republics
- Journalism education and professional training
- The press as an instrument of civil society and democratization
in Central Asia
- Press rights and legal and extra-legal constraints on the press
- Media economics in the region
- New media and alternative media in Central Asia
- Foreign press coverage of news in Central Asia

The Target Audience

The target audiences for this book are academic libraries and scholars
in journalism, communication, political science, and Eurasian and
Russian studies.

The Editors

Eric Freedman is assistant professor of Journalism and assistant dean
of International Studies & Programs at Michigan State University.
Richard Shafer is professor of Journalism at the University of North
Dakota. Both are former Fulbright senior scholars in Uzbekistan and
have conducted journalism workshops and trainings in Central Asia and


Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit on or before
October 1, 2007, a 2-5 page manuscript proposal that clearly explains
the mission and concerns of their proposed chapter, as well as a full
CV. In lieu of a proposal, authors may submit a recently presented
conference paper or recently published journal article that can be
updated and adapted as a book chapter. Authors will be notified by
November 15, 2007 about the status of their proposals and sent chapter
organizational guidelines. Full chapters of 5,000-7,000 words are due
by February 15, 2008. All submitted chapters will be peer-reviewed.
The book is expected to be published by Michigan State University
Press as part of its Eurasian Political Economy and Public Policy
Studies series. Submissions should be sent by e-mail to both
Professors Eric Freedman ( and Richard Shafer

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INTERNSHIP- Deadline Extension: Social Research Center, American University-Central Asia, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

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INTERNSHIP- Deadline Extension: Social Research Center, AUCA, Bishkek

Posted by: Social Research Center - AUCA <>

Internship Opportunity

Social Research Center, American University-Central Asia,
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Deadline for Fall Internship (3 months unpaid internship): August 3rd, 2007

The Social Research Center (SRC) at American University of Central
Asia (AUCA) is pleased to announce the opportunity of doing an
internship with our center for a time period of from three months up
to one year. The purpose of this internship is to expose international
graduate students to the work of the research center and to enhance
their educational experiences through completion of practical work
assignments. The internship would best suit the candidates who are
eager to contribute their enthusiastic efforts to the development of
newly established research center, which aims to become a sound think
tank in the nearest future, and to deepen their knowledge about the
Central Asia region, through close interaction with the educational

AUCA is a non-profit organization in the heart of Central Asia
considered the leading institution of higher education in the region.
It is recognized internationally as a university based on the American
liberal arts tradition of free and critical inquiry. The SRC, as an
integral part of AUCA, was established in 2005 with the mission to
promote the long-lasting development of principles and practices of
democracy, rule of law, and social equality in Kyrgyzstan and Central
Asia, through carrying out research and policy analysis. Please refer
to our center's website at to find out more
information on current and previous activities.

The SRC offers its interns to advance their grantsmanship as well as
organizational and analytical skills while collaboratively working
with AUCA and external researchers. The intern will be encouraged to
develop and implement creative ideas that complement their
professional development with respect to the SRC's agenda. This will
also be excellent opportunity for intern to experience the diverse
cultures in AUCA that has students coming from more than 27 countries,
including Afghanistan, China, and the USA. Commonly, the intern will
be given a chance to participate in roundtables, conferences, forums
and other educational events organized by SRC and AUCA. Working with
the team of SRC, the intern will be involved into implementation of
new initiatives to advance the development of the center into sound
think tank. The gained experience and connections established during
internship with local and foreign researchers will last lifetime, and
can be good contribution for future professional growth.

The SRC is flexible about the supervision scheme to be followed and is
ready to agree on details after negotiations with the intern. This is
an unpaid internship, and the SRC does not have the ability to cover
travel, accommodation, health insurance or any other related expenses.
Therefore, all interested candidates are strongly encouraged to obtain
their own funding. However, SRC will be willing to provide assistance
in visa arrangements and finding accommodation in Bishkek.

An intern must:

- Have or be pursuing a Master's Degree in social science disciplines
- Have sound analytical skills
- Have strong fundraising experience
- Show proficient oral and written skills in English
- Have excellent communication and leadership skills
- Be able to organize and manage diverse work tasks
- Be able to complete work tasks independently and in a timely manner
- It is expected that an intern will largely be involved in
fundraising, publication and communication activities. In particular,
an intern will:


- Assist in development of concept papers, detailed research
proposals and budgets for new projects
- Investigate funding opportunities to support new research projects
- Keep records of grant proposals and monitor timelines
- Provide assistance in other fundraising activities initiated by SRC

Publications and Communication:

- Draft and produce summary reports of research at a high standard
for publication
- Produce summary reports and press-releases of SRC events (lectures,
roundtables, seminars, conferences) to be published in newsletters and
local mass media
- Assist in updating the SRC's website on the running projects and
other related events
- Contribute to development of the AUCA academic bulletin

Other tasks:

An intern may also be asked to carry out other job tasks.

All interested candidates should submit (1) a cover letter, stating the
reasons why she/he is seeking an internship with the SRC and how she/he
envisions benefiting from it, and (2) a resume clearly stating his/her
professional and educational experiences. These documents should be sent to:
Mr. Alexander Pugachev, Research Projects Officer, Social Research Center,
American University of Central Asia, 205 Abdumomunov Street, Bishkek,
Kyrgyzstan, 720040 or be e-mailed to

For further inquires or application status, please contact Alexander
Pugachev at

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LECTURE- Islam's Role in Central Asia, John Schoeberlein, Almaty, Aug. 3

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LECTURE- Islam's Role in Central Asia, John Schoeberlein, Almaty, Aug. 3

Posted by: Harvard Club of Central Asia <>

The Harvard Club of Central Asia invites you to the first lecture in
the Distinguished Speakers Series featuring Dr. Schoeberlein, Director
of the Central Asia and Caucasus Program at Harvard University. Dr.
Schoeberlein will give a talk on "Central Asia's Future: Radical
Islamism or Apolitical Islam?"

The event organized in partnership with the Kazakhstan Press Club,
will take place on Monday, August 6, 2007 at "Jambyl" Conference Room,
Hyatt Regency Almaty, from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm. The registration will
start on 5:45 pm, refreshments will be provided. During the lecture,
simultaneous translation into English will be provided.

If you are interested in attending the event, please register at by Friday, August 3, 2007. Please note that
the space is limited.

Should you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact
the Harvard Club of Central Asia either via aforementioned email or
phone: 261-9090 (ext. 5231).

Speaker's Bio:

John Schoeberlein is Director of the Program on Central Asia and the
Caucasus at Harvard University. His main area of research is on
political, social and cultural aspects of identity, ethnicity,
nationality, Islam, and community organization in Uzbekistan,
Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan. He received his Ph.D. in
Social Anthropology from Harvard University. He has conducted a total
of over five years of anthropological field research in various parts
of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan.

His current research topics include the rise of radical Islam in
Central Asia, the impact of national state formation on identity in
Central Asia, the factors affecting the potential for violent
inter-communal conflict, and means of promoting community-level
participation in economic reform.

From 2000 to 2003, he held the position of the first President of the
Central Eurasian Studies Society, an international scholarly
association supporting the enhancement of research in the social
sciences and humanities focused on the region from the Black Sea to

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WEBSITE AND EXHIBIT- Artists' Studios in Almaty, Kazakhstan

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WEBSITE AND EXHIBIT- Artists' Studios in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Posted by: Zhanara Nauruzbayeva <>

We would like to bring to your attention the following information
about our collaborative project.

One anthropologist and three artists are working on a multi-media art
exhibit about three generations of artists in their studios and homes
in Kazakhstan. This project documents the lives of Almaty artists
struggling to survive in the drastically changing cityscape and thus
draw attention to their importance for society in Kazakhstan.

Our blog-site ( reflects our daily
work-in-progress in the form of texts, photos, video and sound. The
entries are written in three languages: Russian, English and French.

Our work will result in an exhibit in the Soros Center for
Contemporary Art ­ Almaty on August 14th. Please, refer to the
web-site: in order to find their new location.

Contact person- Zhanara Nauruzbayeva (zhanara (at)

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PROG. INFO.- Course in Tajik Language for Foreigners

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PROG. INFO.- Course in Tajik Language for Foreigners

Posted by: Peter Sinnott <>

The Tajik language courses are taught by a graduate of Dushanbe's
Pedagogical Institute with many years teaching experience of Tajik
language. A textbook for English speakers is available as are
dictionaries and supplemental cassette tapes. The emphasis is on
helping foreigners to use Tajik accurately and fluently with a
comprehensive language teaching program from beginner to advanced level.

Persian is taught by a specialist in literary Persian with a Ph.D.
related to the study of Rumi, the classic poet and philosopher.

Course Materials: a textbook with photocopiable materials, Cassette
tapes, Workbooks

Tajik language for foreigners
1. Beginner's Course
2. The Continuing Course

Persian language for foreigners
1. The Beginner's Course
2. The Continuing Course

We also provide instruction in the Pamir Languages and Yaghnob language
Yaghnob Beginner's Course/ Pamiri Languages Courses

For further information and details about the costs, please contact
Muhiba Mahmadjanova <>.

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JOURNAL/CFP- Color Revolutions Special Journal Issue

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JOURNAL/CFP- Color Revolutions Special Journal Issue

Posted by: Donnacha Ó Beacháin <>

The Hannah Arendt Institute for the Study of Totalitarianism is
preparing a special number of its journal "Totalitarianism and
Democracy" focusing on the colored revolutions phenomenon in post
communist countries (see the link to the call for papers below).

The issue will come out in spring 2008 and the deadline is the 20
October, 2007 (for the first submission, articles will then be
reviewed and the final submission date will be the 25 November).

Authors of accepted abstracts will be notified by the 25 of August 2007.

English is preferred but articles in German can be accepted as well

Interested authors are invited to send an abstract (max 500 words) by
the 20 of August to:

Donnacha Ó Beacháin, PhD
Associate Professor,
Department of Political Science,
Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and
Strategic Research, 4 Abai St., Almaty 050100,
Kazakhstan /


Abel Polese
Marie Curie Research Fellow
Hannah Arendt Institute for Research on
01062 Dresden, Germany /

The homepage of The Hannah Arendt Institute for the
Study of Totalitarianism is

The journal webpage can be found at

The call for papers is located at

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CFP- International Conference on "Epic Poetry and Its Safeguarding", Bishkek, Oct. 2007

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CFP- Int'l Conference on "Epic Poetry and Its Safeguarding", Bishkek, Oct. 2007

Posted by: UNESCO National Commission-Kyrgyzstan <>

Call for Papers and Participation

International conference on

"Epic poetry and its safeguarding"
11-12 October 2007
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Organizers of the conference:

National Commission of the Kyrgyz Republic for UNESCO

International Association "World People's eposes"

Deadline for submission of applications and abstracts: September 15, 2007

Most of the world's cultures have evolved and transmitted their
knowledge, traditions, and values to succeeding generations by word of
mouth and relying solely on human memory. With the advent of
handwriting and other modern techniques such as an audio and video
recording, much of the oral heritage has been recorded in a material
form. The oral traditions and values are still important vectors of
cultural transmission in all countries. Epics, rituals, customs, and
techniques still rely on oral transmission. They are rooted in
cultural tradition and history of countries.

However, due to different changes of the last decades such as an
impact of globalization on economies of countries, as a result, the
lack of financial resources, widespread ignorance about the origins of
cultures a little attention was paid to safeguard ancient cultural
values. Despite, different efforts taken by countries to revive and
safeguard the oral heritage as time goes by there are still threats
that can lead to the disappearance of an age-old traditions and values.

In order to maintain both the richness and diversity of cultures
safeguarding and development of these values is one of the purposes of
modern societies, as a part of their commitment to create a humanistic
culture and broadening of international cultural cooperation.

It is within this context, the Kyrgyz National Commission for UNESCO
in cooperation with the International Association "World people's
eposes" and within the framework of UNESCO/Japan Fund in Trust project
on "Safeguarding the art of Akyns, Kyrgyz epic tellers" is organizing
an international conference on epic heritage, which will be held in
Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) on 11 and 12 October, 2007.

The conference will comprise of a scholarly programme and a
performance programme, during which distinguished and young akyns will
present their art to the conference participants and the public.

The main focus of the conference will be developing measures aimed at
promoting the oral heritage and enhancing it throughout the world.
Conference will also be a major promotional opportunity for the art of
the akyns, the Kyrgyz epic tellers and will examine practices of epic
preservation in other countries.

Purposes of the conference:

- Safeguarding of epics and the art of epic telling as an unique and
traditional genre of the oral heritage;

- Popularization of eposes and sagas (stories) in the context of
national and world cultures;

- Exchange of experience and ideas on reviving and safeguarding of
epic heritage.

- Broadening of international cultural cooperation and participation
in intellectual dialogue;

- Promotion of the UNESCO Convention for safeguarding of the
intangible heritage.

Proposed themes of conference:
(Themes may fall within, but are not necessarily limited to, the following)

1. Epic heritage in the context of intangible heritage and world cultures.

2. Role of the UNESCO Convention for the safeguarding of the
intangible heritage.

3. The Oral Art of Akyns among nomads:

a. The art of improvisation and its uniqueness.

b. Main repertoire of akïns: sanat-nasïyat and terme
philosophical-didactic poetry as tools to reinforce social, moral, and
democratic values.

c. Socio-political role of Akyns: past and present.

4. Epic tellers and their professional development;

5. The role of epics in preservation of the language;

6. Distinctive features of the Kyrgyz epics and the commonalities it
shares with other epic traditions (Epic and history, Geography of the
Epic Manas, Religious World of Manas, Gender and Equality in Manas,
Epic Heroes and their horses, the language of heroic epic, Epics and
their Collectors/Recorders, the role of Manas epic and other smaller
epics in modern Kyrgyz culture;

7. Preservation and transmission of the epics to future generations;

8. The role of innovative presentations (books, films, theatre
performances, cartoons, etc.) in popularization of intangible heritage
among youth and children.

Preliminary program of the conference:
(Final program will be circulated by 1 October 2007)

- Arrival of participants (October 10, 2007)
- Registration of participants (October 11, 2007)
- Opening ceremony (October 11, 2007)
- Presentations and reports (October 11-12, 2007)
- Performance of epic tellers and folk musicians (October 11-12, 2007)
- Screening of narrative and documentaries on the subject of the
conference (October 11-12, 2007)
- Exhibition of traditional arts and crafts (October 11-12, 2007)
- Closing ceremony (October 12, 2007)
- Departure of participants (October 13, 2007)

Conditions for participation:

If interested in presenting a paper or organizing a panel in the
conference, please submit:

- Your full name
- Institutional affiliation
- E-mail, postal address, and tel.
- Paper Title (and Panel theme and paper titles if applicable)
- 300-word paper abstract
- One-page-max academic resume
- Please, indicate willingness to serve as a session Moderator and/or
- Whether, if accepted, you will need a visa to attend the conference.

Kindly save the above in NO MORE THAN 2 PAGES TOTAL in A WORD FILE and
name your file as: Your last name in capital letters, a hyphen,
followed by your first name (e.g. your 2-page Word application should
be named: LASTNAME-Name.doc). As the 'Subject' of your email type:
'Conference participant.' Abstract format: MS Word, Times New Roman,
12 (the total number pages of your presentation paper should not
exceed 8-10 pages).

Participants of the conference are required to provide their papers in
Russian or English languages. All papers should be submitted
preferably until September 15, 2007 to the following email addresses:,,

Conference enjoys financial support from UNESCO/Japan Fund in Trust
for participants. As a result, limited number of participants will be
provided with the following:

- round-trip travel tickets from home country to Bishkek/ Kyrgyzstan
- accommodation
- meals and refreshment
- if required, visa processing to enter into Kyrgyzstan

Working languages of the conference are Kyrgyz, Russian, and English
(simultaneous translation will be provided during the conference).

While we anticipate your response at your earliest convenience, please
do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Updates also will be posted soon on:

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

PUBL.- Russian Leverage on the CIS and the Baltic States, Jakob Hedenskog and Robert L. Larsson

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PUBL.- Russian Leverage on the CIS and the Baltic States, Hedenskog and Larsson

Posted by: Robert Larsson <>

New publication:

"Russian Leverage on the CIS and the Baltic States"

by Jakob Hedenskog and Robert L. Larsson
The Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI)

Report can be downloaded:
Or (see publications)


A new report from FOI aims to identify Russia's foreign policy levers,
analyse how they have been used and assess how strong they are in the
context of the former Soviet Union.

This has been done by assessing five clusters of levers, namely
political, human-based, energy, economic and military ones. In doing
this, a pattern of how Russia uses its levers emerges.

Russia's foreign policy levers have drawn attention over the last
few years. In 2006 and 2007, Russia staged a trade boycott against
Georgia and Moldova, engaged in the "statue crisis" in Estonia, which
was followed by a cyber attack, and took a sharp policy line in the
oil and gas negotiations with Belarus. These actions went against
Russia's ambition to join the World Trade Organization (WTO) and
annoyed the European Union (EU). These incidents indicate that Russia
has a clear ambition of maximising its influence within the former
Soviet Union area by using its foreign policy levers.

The main conclusion of the report is that Russia has used a rather
high level of coercion toward those states that are dependent on
Russia and states that obstruct Russia's policy. Russia uses all
available levers in order to reach overarching goals even if these
result in severe backlashes. The study finally concludes that this
pattern has future consequences for Europe.

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PUBL.- The Islamist of Central Asia, Cahiers d'Asie centrale (in French)

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PUBL.- The Islamist of Central Asia, Cahiers d'Asie centrale (in French)

Posted by: Habiba Fathi <>

IFEAC has the pleasure to announce the publication of:

Cahiers d'Asie centrale, nos. 15-16,
"Les islamistes d'Asie centrale : un défi aux Etats independents ?"
["The Islamists of Central Asia: a Challenge to Independent States?",
Paris, Maisonneuve & Larose, edited by Habiba Fathi, 2007, 373 p.

The book is available in France at:

Maisonneuve & Larose
15 rue Victor Cousin
Paris 75 005 - France
Tel. : 01 44 41 49 30 - Fax. : 01.43 25 77 41 (M. Laurent Quint)

More than a decade after the Central Asian countries achieved
independence, and as a multitude of Islamist groups and movements are
presenting a massive challenge to the current regimes inherited from
the former USSR, the authoritarian nature of these regimes is being
systematically blamed for the rise of Islamism. The analysis of the
expression of Central Asian Islamism is complex, because, behind the
demands for a "return" to an Islamic State, there is a desire for a
return to the Central Asian Islamic authenticity obliterated during
the Soviet period. Let us recall that Central Asian Islam has
developed in various forms, including extreme forms, in changing
Muslim societies, and that, since perestroika, it has spread back into
places from which it had largely been excluded during the Soviet era.
However complex is to do define Islamism, the phenomenon is approached
here as a political practice emanating from various religious
anti-establishment forces. We analyzed observations and facts gathered
in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. These
countries' different responses to harassment of the State in the name
of Islam shed light on the evolution of Central Asian Islam's
political workings.

Born of collective reflection, the Cahiers d'Asie centrale dossier
provides various viewpoints, relayed by Central Asian and European
researchers, on a wide variety of aspects of the question of Islamism
in the independent States of Central Asia. Based on solid field
studies carried out in different geographical areas of this vast
region, this dossier highlights the increasing fragility of the newly
independent Central Asian States, which, since the end of the USSR,
have been confronted with demands for God's "justice" and with
jihadist-type violence.


Introduction par Habiba Fathi
A. Pouvoir et forces religieuses : genèse d'un affrontement
B. Organisation du volume des Cahiers d'Asie centrale


A. Les formes de la contestation : islamisme radical, société civile
et enjeux de la réislamisation

Orozbek A. MOLDALIEV, Le rôle de l'islam dans l'évolution du fait
étatique en Asie centrale postsoviétique
Kamoliddin RABBIMOV, La question de l'islamisme dans le contexte de la
construction d'une société civile nationale
Mukaram TOKTOGULOVA, Le rôle de la da'wa dans la réislamisation au Kirghizistan

B. Conflits de légitimité religieuse

Muhiddin KABIRI, Tadjikistan : analyse comparative du Parti de la
renaissance islamique et du Hizb al-Tahrir al-islami
Paolo SARTORI, When a Mufti Turned Islamism into Political Pragmatism:
Sadreddin-Khan and the Struggle for an Independent Turkestan
Bakhtiyar BABAJANOV, Le jihad comme idéologie de l'"Autre" et de
l'"Exilé" à travers l'étude de documents du Mouvement islamique

C. L'impact de l'islamisme chez les jeunes

Bakytbek S. JUMAGULOV, La perception des organisations
politico-religieuses chez les jeunes du Sud du Kirghizistan
Saodat OLIMOVA, La jeunesse du Tadjikistan face à l'islam et à l'islamisme
Habiba FATHI, Les réseaux mystiques au Kazakhstan : entre dhikr et
militantisme ?


Salima ESHANOVA, Nisa et Khani, deux poétesses mystiques de Kokand
(fin du XIXe siècle-début XXe)
Guillemette PINCENT, L'autoconstruction dans les quartiers
précoloniaux de Tachkent et Boukhara : une dynamique urbaine à canaliser ?
Evguéni V. ABDULLAEV, Les Juifs ashkénazes d'Ouzbékistan
Ayda A. ALYMBAEVA, La question de l'identité au Kirghizistan à travers
le clivage Nord-Sud


A. Notes et documents

Thomas HUET, Mars 2005 au Kirghizistan : " révolution des tulipes " ou
alternance violente ?
Tommaso TREVISANI, Kolkhozes, Sovkhozes, and Shirkats of Yangibazar
(1960-2002): Note on an archival investigation into four decades of
agricultural development of a district in Khorezm (Uzbekistan)

B. Comptes-rendus

C. Sélection d'ouvrages reçus à la bibliothèque de l'IFÉAC

Résumés / Abstracts
Liste des auteurs

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JOURNAL/CFP- Asian Affairs: An American Review

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JOURNAL/CFP- Asian Affairs: An American Review

Posted by: Jen Maceyko <>


Asian Affairs: An American Review

Asian Affairs: An American Review, a quarterly journal focusing on
U.S. policy in Asia and the contemporary politics, economics,
security, and international relations of the region, invites
submissions of original research papers of between 5,000 to 7,000 words.

Asian Affairs seeks to present in-depth, well-argued theses relevant
for policymakers in both the United States and the greater Asian
region. Articles should contribute to an ongoing debate or bring to
light new questions and responses to contemporary issues pertaining
to the East, Southeast, South, and Central Asian regions. All
perspectives are of interest. Submissions will be double-blind peer
reviewed. The journal has no op-ed section and does not publish
opinion essays.

Please submit all papers by email to, including a
cover letter stating that the manuscript is not under consideration

Documentation should adhere to the Chicago Manual of Style, 15th
edition. Asian Affairs uses endnotes, not footnotes. All
bibliographic information should be included in the notes. The
editors reserve the right to make editorial changes necessary for
space requirements and journal standards.

For more information about Asian Affairs and Heldref Publications,
please visit

Jen Maceyko
Managing Editor, Asian Affairs
Heldref Publications
1319 Eighteenth Street NW
Washington, DC 20036
phone 202-296-6267 x. 1206
fax 202-296-5149

Visit the website at

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GRANTS- OSI Arts & Culture Program: Partnership for Development, Caucasus, Central Asia, etc.

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GRANTS- OSI Arts & Culture Program: Partnership for Development

Posted by: Rita Bakradze <>

Call for Applications: Partnership for Development
June 6, 2007

The Arts and Culture Program of the Open Society Institute aims to
promote collaborative artistic and/or cultural efforts by offering
support to individuals and organizations in order to foster
cross-border partnership and cooperation and to contribute to
intercultural understanding. The program seeks innovative ideas,
projects, and partnerships that further free expression, exchange, and

The program welcomes applications for initiatives that involve artists
and cultural operators from the following target countries: Armenia,
Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan,
Turkmenistan, Mongolia, Turkey, and Afghanistan. The deadline is
August 31, 2007.

For detailed application information in English and Russian please

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PROG. INFO.- Summer School on Human Rights, August, Moscow

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PROG. INFO.- Summer School on Human Rights, August, Moscow

Posted by: Anatoly Azarov <>

The Moscow School of Human Rights carry out August 6-17, 2007 in
Moscow VII International Summer School on Human Rights. Charges due
to organizers and participants. Details are available on

The application deadline is on July 30, 2007.

Director MSHR

Anatoly Azarov

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PUBL.- Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst, 27 June 2007, Is Online

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PUBL.- Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst, 27 June 2007, Is Online

Posted by: Svante Cornell <>

This issue of the Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst features analytical
articles on educational reform in Turkmenistan, growing differences
between Moscow and its Chechen allies, negotiations on the CFE treaty,
and the risk of growing violence in Afghanistan's North. Field reports
cover the Baku GUAM summit, Felix Kulov's proposal to join Kyrgyzstan
with Russia, snap elections in Kazakhstan, and tax reform controversies
in Georgia. See full contents below:.


Edited By S. Frederick Starr, 510 pages. Download chapters at:

With articles by Daniel Burghart, Michael Mihalka, Braekhus & Overland,
Olga Oliker, and Sebastien Peyrouse, among others. Download at:

The 27 June issue of the Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst (Volume 9, no.
13) is now online at The PDF version
of the entire issue is available at:

Full contents:

Analytical Articles

Chemen Durdiyeva

Kevin Daniel Leahy

Richard Weitz

Haroun Mir

Field Reports

Niklas Nilsson

Erica Marat

Marat Yermukanov

Kakha Jibladze


The Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst is a bi-weekly publication of the
Central Asia-Caucasus Institute & Silk Road Studies Program, a Joint
Center affiliated with Johns Hopkins University-SAIS and Uppsala
University, Sweden.

The CACI Analyst welcomes submissions of articles and field reports. At
this moment, we are particularly interested in submissions on
development, economics and finance matters in Central Asia and the
Caucasus region, but all inquiries are welcome. Please contact the
Editor, Svante Cornell, at with a short description of
your article idea. Editorial principles are online at

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PUBL.- Classic Afghanistan Memoir: Land of the High Flags, by Rosanne Klass

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PUBL.- Classic Afghanistan Memoir: Land of the High Flags, by Rosanne Klass

Posted by: Janet Carmosky <>

Land of the High Flags: Afghanistan When The Going Was Good, Rosanne
Klass's classic memoir of the years 1950-1952 in Afghanistan, is being
released in paperback for the first time on September 1, 2007.

It is both an essential source for anyone interested in the recent
history of Afghanistan and a poetic account of the Afghan people in a
hopeful time.

About the book: Hailed by critics when it first appeared, this reissue
includes additional sections telling of her return to Afghanistan as a
journalist, and what became of the friends she brought to life decades

About the Author: Rosanne Klass spent several years teaching in
Afghanistan in the 1950s, which formed the basis for this book. She
returned as a journalist for The New York Times and established the
Afghanistan Information Center at Freedom House during the
Soviet-Afghan war. She also co-authored and edited Afghanistan – The
Great Game Revisited, which is the standard reference on that war. She
lives in New York City.

About Odyssey Books: In general, Odyssey titles are strongly grounded
in history, culture and literature; lavishly illustrated with
photographs, maps and archival material. They are useful resources for
scholars and their families as they undertake their travels and
research, or as part of the reading list for survey courses.

Reply to for catalog, further
information, or review copies.

Books Available Via: WW Norton ( and in bookstores in
USA; throughout the world in bookstores, online and from the publisher

Upcoming from Odyssey:

Tajikistan and the High Pamirs: A Companion and Guide
Middleton, Robert with Thomas, Huw (ISBN 978-962-217-773-4) 608
pgs/110 color photos /16 maps & diagrams $27.95

Kyrgyz Republic: Heart of Central Asia
Stewart,Rowan with Weldon, Suzie (ISBN 978-962-217-791-9) 320 pgs/108
color photos/7 maps $24.95

Kazakhstan: Nomadic Routes from Caspian to Altai
Schreiber, Dagmar (ISBN978-962-217-789-5) 456 pgs/126 color photos/9
maps & plans $24.95

Russia and Asia: Nomadic and Oriental Traditions in Russian History
Knobloch, Edgar (ISBN 978-962-217-785-7) 456 pgs/31 color photos/17
maps & diagrams $24.95

Other Odyssey titles on Central Asia and Eurasia:
Afghanistan: A Companion and Guide
Omrani, Bijan & Leeming, Matthew (ISBN 978-962-217-746-8) 768 pgs/307
color ohotos/18 maps $29.95

Uzbekistan: The Golden Road to Samarkand
MacLeod, Calum & Mayhew, Bradley (ISBN 978-962-217-743-7) 336 pgs/92
color photos/23 maps $$23.95

Iran: Persia Ancient and Modern
Loveday, Helen; Wannell, Bruce; Baumer, Christopher & Omrani, Bijan
(ISBN 978-962-217-751-2) 432 pgs/145 color photos/15 maps $24.95

Georgia: A Sovereign Country of the Caucasus
Rosen, Roger (ISBN 978-962-217-748-2) 384 pgs/96 color photos/25 maps
& plans $23.95

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