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LECTURE- The State and Health NGOs in the Kyrgyz Republic, SRC-AUCA, Oct. 17

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LECTURE- The State and Health NGOs in the Kyrgyz Republic, SRC-AUCA, Oct. 17

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Social Research Center at American University of Central Asia
( presents:

Lecture: Collaboration Between State and Health NGOs in the Kyrgyz Republic

Presenter: Alexander Pugachev, MSc. in Social Research, Social Research

Time: 16:00, October 17th

Venue: Room 232, AUCA (Main Building)

Language: Russian

Synopsis: The Ministry of Healthcare is the central state agency for the
management and implementation of health policy in the Kyrgyz Republic.
Nevertheless, local health NGOs are quite active in providing important
social services that supplement, and in some cases replace, the role of the
state. The majority of NGOs in this field are busy with providing basic
health services to vulnerable groups. Inevitably, these NGOs also have to
collaborate with state agencies in order to fulfill their missions and
perform their activities. Understanding that health NGOs strongly depend on
donor support, this paper will examine the question of whether state-NGO
partnerships can reduce the reliance of NGOs on donor support in the future
and improve service delivery in Kyrgyzstan. Based on interviews with
representatives of state agencies and NGOs, it also provides an overview of
the current status of state-NGO collaboration while looking at such factors
as mutual understanding between actors, the role of donor impact/competition,
actor characteristics, and the funding framework.

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