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CONF.- Civil Society in Kazakhstan, German-Kazakh Society, Berlin, 11 Nov. 2007

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CONF.- Civil Society in Kazakhstan, German-Kazakh Society, Berlin, 11 Nov. 2007

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Civil Society in Kazakhstan: Theory and Practice

The German-Kazakh Society invites all interested persons to participate
in this conference, to be held November 5, 2007, in Berlin, 10.00-17.00,
Bundespresseamt, Reichstagufer 4, 10117 Berlin, Germany.

Aim & Topics:

This international conference aims to bring politicians, leaders of
Kazakh and German NGOs, practitioners and academics together to discuss
the various issues concerning the development of the civil society and
the role of NGOs in the democratisation of Kazakhstan as well as to show
the opportunities of the German-Kazakh cooperation in this sphere.

The following main topics are determined to serve as a guideline to

1. Civil Society in East and West: notion, history, chances;
2. The role of the Central Asia Strategy of the European Union in the
democratic development of this region;
3. Civil Society in Kazakhstan: myth or reality?
4. The NGOs and the Power of Kazakhstan: "ruled democracy" or
successful dialog?
5. Experiences and opportunities of German-Kazakh cooperation of NGOs.

The admission is free, but limited, please register as soon as possible.

For further information please feel free to contact

Ms. Galina Nurtasinowa
Managing Director, German-Kazakh Society

Deutsch-Kasachische Gesellschaft e.V.
Colditzstr. 34-36, D-12099 Berlin, Germany

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