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CONF./CFP- Pamir Mountains Panel, Assoc. of American Geographers, Apr. 15-19

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CONF./CFP- Pamir Mountains Panel, Assoc. of American Geographers, Apr. 15-19

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Call for Papers:
Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting
Boston, April 15-19, 2008
The Pamir Mountains of Central Asia

A paper session co-sponsored by the Mountain Geography Specialty Group and
the Asian Geography Specialty Groups

Organized by: Stephen Cunha (Humboldt State University) and
Sarah J. Halvorson (The University of Montana)

This paper session provides a forum for researchers working in the Pamir
Mountains of Central Asia. Popularly called the 'Roof of the World," the
Pamir rise above the Central Asia steppe and desert where the Hindu Kush,
Karakoram and Tien Shan ranges converge. Most of this range falls within
the isolated multifrontier of Tajikistan's Gorno-Badakshan Autonomous
Oblast, with parts in Afghanistan, China, and Kyrgyzstan. Mountain runoff
sustains the Amu Darya and Syr Darya rivers, Central Asia's lifelines and
principle tributaries to the Aral Sea. Current issues include population
relocation following the Tajik civil war, opium and weapons trafficking,
poverty reduction, improving education and agricultural productivity,
transborder commerce, environmental hazards such as the potential Lake
Sarez dam collapse, and securing the new Tajik National Park.

Papers that focus on aspects of physical geography, human geography, and
environment-society relations are welcome. We are interested in
empirically grounded work as well as contributions of a more conceptual
and theoretical nature. In organizing this paper session on the Pamir, we
seek to promote interaction and dialogue among researchers working in and
on the mountains of Central Asia.

We ask that you send your paper title, abstracts, and PIN no later than
*October 20* to one of the co-organizers:

Stephen Cunha (
Sarah J. Halvorson (

Stephen F. Cunha
Professor of Geography
Humboldt State University, Arcata CA 95521
Tel: 707/826-4975
Fax: 707/826-3205

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