Tuesday, October 30, 2007

LECTURE- The Greek Community of Armenia, AUA, Yerevan, Oct. 30

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LECTURE- The Greek Community of Armenia, AUA, Yerevan, Oct. 30

Posted by: Khachik Gevorgyan <iranist@yahoo.co.uk>

Public lecture

The Greek Community of Armenia

Presented by

Dr. Marine Mkhitaryan

Tuesday, October 30, 18:00

Dr. Marine Mkhitaryan works for the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin and is a
Board Member of Yerevan City Greek Community and a Lecturer at the French
University in Armenia where she teaches courses on intercultural and cross-
functional management. Dr. Mkhitaryan worked in Greece while conducting
postdoctoral studies in the field of archaeology, ancient history and culture.
She is a graduate of the Department of Physics of Yerevan State University and
she earned her Ph.D. from the Institute of Physics. During the lecture Dr.
Mkhitaryan will discuss the past and current situation of national minorities,
mainly of the Greek community, in Armenia, present Armenian-Greek relationships
and introduce the book "Not Even My Name" about the Pontic Greeks in the
Ottoman Empire.

Admission is Free

American University of Armenia,
Small Auditorium, 5th Floor

The lecture will be given in Armenian with simultaneous translation in English

For further information, please contact the
Graduate School of Political Science and
International Affairs at 51-26-77

Sincerely yours,
Khachik Gevorgyan

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