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CONF./CFP- Kazakhstan-2030, Almaty, Dec. 7-8

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CONF./CFP- Kazakhstan-2030, Almaty, Dec. 7-8

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Al-Farabi Kazakh National University
Suleyman Demirel University

International scientific and practical conference devoted to 10th
anniversary of Strategy "Kazakhstan-2030" on the topic: "All-round
Accelerated Modernization of Kazakhstan and Central Asia Economics:
current state and perspectives".

Almaty, December 7-8, 2007

The conference program: plenary and section sessions, round-table
discussions. Sections of the conference:

1. Social-Economic Modernization: purpose, factors, and patterns.
2. State Support of Innovation Business and Corporate Management Development.
3. Financial Provision of Economic Modernization.
4. Marketing and Logistics improvements in the context of Innovative
Modernization of Economics of RK.
5. Problems of Accounting, Auditing, and Analysis under the conditions
of Economy Modernization.
6. Modernization as a basis of stable development of Kazakhstan economics.
7. Financial Globalization, Capital Movement, Economic Development and
their Impact on Central Asia.
8. The Transition Period of the Central Asia to the free Market
Economy: Success and Problems.

Participation Forms and Documents for the Conference

1. Plenary Session speech: time 20 min.
2. Section Session speech: time up to 10 min.
3. Participation as a listener


Terms of Participation and Publication of Articles

For the participation in the conference the following documents should
be sent to organizers up to October 20, 2007.

1. Scientific article printed and on floppy.
2. Author's (authors') bio data.
3. Copy of receipt for entrance fee of 3500 tenge (per 1 publication).
Funds may be sent to the account __________ or may be paid in cash to
the responsible person from accounting and auditing department.

To Conference Participants:

1. The opening ceremony will be on December 7, 2007, at 10:00 a.m., at
Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. Address: Almaty, Str.
Timiriazev, rectorat, 15th floor.
2. Registration of conference participants will be held on December 7,
from 9:00 to 10:00, rektorat, 15th floor.
3. Travel and accommodation fees are up to conference participants.
4. For organizing purposes we ask to inform us of the necessity of
booking hotel, contact tel.: 8-723-2475404, add. 1403.

Articles Requirements:

The printed version A4 (210x297) and electronic version (MS Word) of
the article in the volume of 6 pages must be submitted to organizers
of the conference.

Allowed languages of articles: Kazakh, Russian, English, and Turkish.

Format requirements: left, right, up, and down margins – 20 mm, line
spacing – single, MS Word, font Times New Roman.

The name of the article is printed in capital letters (bold), central
alignment. Below: surname, name, patronymic (name), full name of
university (organization), city, after intend of 2 intervals the main text.

The text of the article should be thoroughly checked and edited.

Articles are accepted till October 20, 2007. Address: 050038, Republic
of Kazakhstan, Almaty, ave. Al-Farabi, 71, GUK-3, Faculty of Economics
and Business, Department of Accounting and Auditing.

Apply for information: tel.: 8-723-2475404, add. 1403. E-mail for
English articles is,

The issue of collected scientific articles is planned by the beginning
of the conference.

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