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CALL FOR PARTICIPATION- Central Asian Regional Seminar on History, CARC, Almaty

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CALL FOR PARTICIPATION- Central Asian Regional Seminar on History, CARC, Almaty

Posted by: Ablet Kamalov <>

Central Asian Regional Seminar "Revising the Mongol Period in the
History Central Asia: Destruction or Construction?"
November 17-18, 2007, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Corporate Educational Foundation "Bilim-Central Asia"

Central Asian Resource Center

With the Support of Higher Education Support Program and Special and
Extension Projects Office of the Central European University

Invites scholars teaching history as well as all interested
researchers to take part in the Central Asian Regional Seminar
"Revising the Mongol period in the history Central Asia: destruction
or construction?"

Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan
Time: November 17-18, 2007
Participants: 30 university level teaching scholars from Central Asian states

The workshop will be devoted to the history of Central Asia in the
Mongol and post-Mongol period. The Mongol invasion and domination of
the Mongols in Central Asia is a controversially interpreted period in
the history of the region. In Soviet academic literature this period
has been long described as a period of destruction and disaster that
pushed the development of the region back for many centuries. Such
interpretation followed similar understanding of the negative role of
the Mongol invasion and conquest of Slavic peoples and their polities.
However, establishing of the Mongol empire and the Mongol political
control over the vast territory of Eurasia created a situation that
had even some positive effects that included, among others, creation
of a common space under certain political dominance that stimulated an
intensive exchange of ideas between distance territories, countries
and peoples, formation of a new ethnic map of the region when previous
tribal confederations transferred to new ones, emergence of political
phenomenon of "chinghisizm" - sacralization of the supreme power
through belongingness of rulers to the Chingiz-khans lineage etc.
These and other problems to be discussed in the workshop will enable
to re-examine and revise the role of the Mongols and their political
dominance in Central Asia in the historical development of the region.

The workshop is organized to provide university teachers with the
opportunity for the exchange and discussion of ideas on the historical
past of Central Asia, methods of research and teaching history at
university level.

Travel costs, board and lodging are covered for Central Asian
participants. To apply, please send a CV and a letter of interest to
the e-mail or postal address below. All applications should arrive
not later than October 17, 2007.

For inquiries, or application forms, please contact:

Ablet Kamalov
Central Asian Resource Centre
Educational Center "Bilim-Central Asia"
31 Tulebayeva, 050004 Almaty, Kazakhstan
Tel/fax: +7-3272-597618

Contact person: Anton Shaporov, CARC assistant,;
tel.: 7 (3272) 59 76 18

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