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CALL FOR CONTRIB.- Commentaries and Analyses for the ISN­ /RES Security Watch

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CALL FOR CONTRIB.- Commentaries and Analyses for the ISN­/RES Security Watch

Posted by: Merim Razbaeva

This is a call for academics, journalists and etc. to contribute to
the ISN/RES Security Watch news services and

We are specifically
interested in covering events in Central Asia and the Caucasus.

ISN Security Watch is a news analysis clearinghouse that provides a
platform for a wide variety of voices and calls attention to
developing issues and underreported events that are significant to the
course and conduct of international relations.

ISN Security Watch produces two forms of content: in-depth news
analyses and commentaries.

News analysis: A 1,200- to 1,500- word, well-sourced article with
original interviews as well as quotes from local media. When quoting
other media sources, emphasis should be placed on local media in
countries where readers are not likely to have access due to language
barriers or other reasons.

Commentary: An 800-word article in which the correspondent contributes
their views together with relevant sources and facts.


ISN Security Watch pays EUR300 per in-depth article, EUR150 per
commentary and EUR15 per photo published (up to three photos per story).

ISN Security Watch only pays for original work published on our
website and retains all rights to this content.

ISN Security Watch is a member of Creative Commons, which means
authors may see their stories, with proper attribution of origin,
reproduced in other media.

If you are interested in this proposal please send your short bio and
some of your previous work to be vetted by the ISN Security Watch
staff. In return, we will send copies of the mission statement and
correspondent guidelines for ISN Security Watch.

For all further enquires contact:

Merim Razbaeva
RES Project Manager and ISN Editor

Russian and Eurasian Security Network (RES)
International Relations and Security Network (ISN)
ETH Zurich
Leonhardshalde 21, LEH C1
8092 Zurich

Tel: +41 (0)44 632 06 97
Fax: +41 (0)44 632 14 13

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