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EVENT- Presentation of Research on Azerbaijani Youth, Rauf Garagozov, Baku, Oct. 5

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EVENT- Presentation of Research on Azerbaijani Youth, R. Garagozov, Baku, Oct 5

Posted by: Rena Rzayeva <>

Caucasus Research Resource Center (CRRC)– Azerbaijan, a Program of the
Eurasia Foundation is pleased to invite you to the presentation of
findings of CRRC Research Fellowship project "Political Trust and
Patterns of Identification among Azerbaijani Youth" conducted by Dr.
Rauf Garagözov, CRRC Research Fellow 2006, PhD in Psychology, Leading
Research Associate, Institute of Strategic Studies of the Caucasus

This presentation is about the research results of the project
"Political Trust and Patterns of Identification amongst Azerbaijani
Youth," conducted by Dr. Garagözov under the aegis of CRRC Research
Publication Fellowship Program 2006. This study considers the role
played by social and psychological factors such as patterns of
identification, and perceptions of political competence, in
engendering the development of trust in different levels of governance
in Azerbaijan. Using different groups of Azerbaijani youngsters with
different ethnic/urban/rural identifications as cases, this research
outlines the relationship between patterns of identification, levels
of political trust and perceptions of efficacy of particular
institutions. The findings have certain implications for our
understanding of the sources and origins of political trust as
originated in people's judgments about the performance of particular
institutions while also giving some support for a thesis on trust
based on culturally defined beliefs and norms.

Dr. Rauf Garagözov is currently a head of social science department at
the International Center for Social Research and is a member of the
editorial board of The Caucasus and Globalization journal. For many
years he worked in several research centers and universities in Moscow
and Baku as a researcher, consultant, and lecturer. In 2002-2003, he
was selected as a Fulbright Visiting Professor to Washington
University in St. Louis. Dr. Garagözov contributed to various
international conferences and symposia. He has authored over 80
articles, chapters and books, the latest of which Metamorfozy
kollektivnoy pamiaty v Rossii i na Tsentral'nom Kavkaze (Metamorphoses
of the Collective Memory in Russia and the Central Caucasus) was
published in Baku in 2005 by Nurlan Publishers.

Time and place of event: Friday, October 5th, 6:30-7:30 at Khazar
University, downtown campus, Bashir Safaroghlu, 122, Baku, Azerbaijan.
The presentation will be conducted in English. Please register by
October 5, 2007, 2 pm by writing to Ms. Rena Rzayeva at,
mentioning your affiliation and interests. For further inquiries feel
free to contact us at (+994 12) 437 29 46/47.

Warmest wishes,

CRRC team

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