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PUBL.- The Caucasus and Globalization, Vol. 1 (3), 2007

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PUBL.- The Caucasus and Globalization, Vol. 1 (3), 2007

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Please find the contents of no. 1(3), 2007 of "The Caucasus and
Globalization" journal (in English and Russian) below. The issue will be
published in late October.

The Caucasus and Globalization
Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies

Vol. 1 (3), 2007



Eldar Mamedov, The Constitutional Court and Courts of Ordinary
Jurisdiction in Azerbaijan: Theoretical and Practical Problems of Their

Rustam Mamedov, Disarmament and Demilitarization in the Caspian Sea from the
Viewpoint of International Law.

Kiamran Shafiev, The self-determination Principle in the Context of


Rozeta Asatiani, The Phenomenon of Globalization and Its Influence on
National Economies (A Case study of Georgia)

Vakhtang Burduli, The role of Globalization in Reviving the Economy of
Countries in Transition (A Case study of Georgia)

Teimuraz Beridze, National Economic Model: An Alternative to Globalization?

Hadjiaga Rustambekov, Creation and Economic Model for Azerbaijan: Typical
Characterization and national Identification.


Liubov Solovieva, traditions in the Globalization Era: Abkhazia in the Early
21st Century.

Rena Kadyrova, On Some Sociopsychological Conditions of the Development of
National Identity of the Azeri Youth.

Guram Svanidze, Globalization-Westernization: Difficulties of Transitions in

Farkhad Aliev, A Cultural Revolution in the Globalization Context: the
Eurasian Approach.


Roin Metreveli, National Problems in the Globalization Context and

Parvin Darabadi, Central Eurasia in the "Big Geopolitical Game" of the late
19th - early 20th Centuries (Pages of Geohistory).

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