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PUBL.- Kazakhstan: Ethnicity, Language and Power - Bhavna Dave

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PUBL.- Kazakhstan: Ethnicity, Language and Power - Bhavna Dave

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Routledge are pleased to announce the publication of:

Kazakhstan - Ethnicity, Language and Power
Bhavna Dave, SOAS, University of London, UK

Kazakhstan is emerging as the most dynamic economic and political
actor in Central Asia. It is the second largest country of the former
Soviet Union, after the Russian Federation, and has rich natural
resources, particularly oil, which is being exploited through massive
US investment. Kazakhstan has an impressive record of economic growth
under the leadership of President Nursultan Nazarbaev, and has
ambitions to project itself as a modern, wealthy civic state, with a
developed market economy. At the same time, Kazakhstan is one of the
most ethnically diverse countries in the region, with very substantial
non-Kazakh and non-Muslim minorities. Its political regime has used
elements of political clientelism and neo-traditional practices to
bolster its rule. Drawing from extensive ethnographic research,
interviews, and archival materials this book traces the development of
national identity and statehood in Kazakhstan, focusing in particular
on the attempts to build a national state. It argues that
Russification and Sovietization were not simply 'top-down' processes,
that they provide considerable scope for local initiatives, and that
Soviet ethnically-based affirmative action policies have had a lasting
impact on ethnic elite formation and the rise of a distinct brand of
national consciousness.

September 2007: 234x156: 256 pp.
Hb: 978-0-415-36371-6: £75.00

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