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JOB- Teacher Preparation Manager for Afghanistan Higher Education

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JOB- Teacher Preparation Manager for Afghanistan Higher Education

Posted by: Stephanie Schott <sschott@aed.org>

Job Description

Position: Academic Specialist- Teacher Preparation Manager for
Afghanistan Higher Education Project (Indiana University Center for
Social Studies and International Education).
Position Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
Position Duration: The duration of this position is expected to be
10/01/2007 to 09/30/2009
Supervisor: Terrence C. Mason
Salary: Commensurate with education and experience
Project Duration: The duration of this project is expected to be
01/23/2006 to 01/31/2011.
Expected start date of position is no later than October 1, 2007.
Continuation in the position is based on satisfactory job performance
and continued funding.

Project Summary: The Afghanistan Higher Education Project (HEP)
contributes to USAID's Strategic Objective to rehabilitate and
strengthen the capacity of the education system of Afghanistan by
focusing on improved teaching and capacity building at the tertiary
level resulting in improved quality pre-service and in-service teacher
education for secondary school teachers.

Essential Job Functions:
* Train higher education faculty in the organization of a teacher
education program, and teaching methodology.
* Organize regional or national association of teacher education in
* Develop subject matter content and curriculum and pedagogy
expertise among faculty participating in the project Consult with
curriculum and pedagogy experts to develop content
* Assume a leadership role in teacher education program development;
monitor and evaluate the Teacher Preparation Training program
* Author regular reports for supervisor and USAID
* With assistant, arrange facilities, housing, and transportation for
yearly workshops at 3 hub universities
* Coordinate with other programs in the Higher Education Project

Education: Graduate Degree, Ph.D. preferred in curriculum and instruction.

Experience: Professional development experience. Work as teacher
educator or coordinator and management of educational programs is
preferred. Knowledge of the organization of secondary teacher
education programs. Experience teaching a content area within a
secondary teacher education program. Participation in national, state,
or local education organizations preferred. Fluent English is
essential; knowledge of Dari and/or Pashto is helpful.

To Apply: Send vita and 3 letters of reference to Dr. Terrence C.
Mason, Center for Social
Studies and International Education 2805 E. 10th Street, Room 140,
Bloomington, IN 47408 USA.

Please contact Dr. Mason if you have questions.

Indiana University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.

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