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PUBL.- ANOR 14: The Mashhadi Jews (Djedids) in Central Asia - Albert Kaganovich

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PUBL.- ANOR 14: The Mashhadi Jews (Djedids) in Central Asia - Albert Kaganovich

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Albert Kaganovich
The Mashhadi Jews (Djedids) in Central Asia

in series: ANOR 14, Juergen Paul, Ingeborg Baldauf (eds.), Berlin 2007.
Klaus Schwarz Verlag
ISBN 978-3-87997-141-6
Paperback, 92 pp.
Price: 10.20 euro



In a new book, "The Mashhadi Jews (Djedids) in Central Asia", Albert
Kaganovitch explores the history of the so-called Djedids in Central
Asia. His study is based on Russian, English, German and Hebrew
archives and materials. The Djedids are so called because they were
"new" Muslims - newly converted from Judaism. It is the name for a
relatively small group of Jews from Mashhad, Iran, who were more or
less forced to accept Islam. During several decades after the
conversion more than two thirds of them moved to other locations in
Khorasan, Central Asia, and Afghanistan. In Central Asia and
Afghanistan the Mashhadi Jews returned to Judaism openly, where they
formed a separate group, although they partly merged with Bukharan Jews.


The Mashhadi Jews (Djedids) in Central Asia
Djedid Settlements in Central Asia and Their Population
Legal Status in the Transcaspian Oblast until Year 1917
Socio-Economic Life
Communal and Religious Life

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