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LECTURE- The Republic of Armenia: Challenges and Opportunities, Columbia Univ., Oct. 22

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LECTURE- Republic of Armenia: Challenges and Opportunities, Columbia U., Oct 22

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The Harriman Institute and the Armenian Center at Columbia University
are pleased to present former United States Ambassador to the Republic
of Armenia, John Marshall Evans, who will deliver a talk on Monday,
October 22, 2007, titled: "The Republic of Armenia: Challenges and
Opportunites." The program will take place beginning at 2:00 PM at the
Faculty House, Harison Room, 2nd Floor, 400 West 117th Street.

Evans was U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Armenia between 2004 and
2006. A career U.S. diplomat with extensive experience in Central and
Eastern Europe, Evans is the former director of the State Department's
Office of Analysis for Russia and Eurasia. He is a winner of the
Meritorious Honor Award and the CIA Director's Exceptional Performance
Award. From May 2002 until his appointment to Yerevan, Evans directed
the Office of Russian Affairs. A native of Williamsburg, Virginia,
Evans studied Russian history at Yale University (B.A. 1970) and at
Columbia University, where he began a Ph.D. before joining the foreign
service. Evans has publicly called for the U.S. Congress to
acknowledge and reaffirm the 1915 Armenian genocde, in addition to
urging reconciliation between the Republics of Armenia and Turkey.

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