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ADMIN. NOTE- Central-Eurasia-L Restored to Functioning

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ADMIN. NOTE- Central-Eurasia-L Restored to Functioning

Posted by: John Schoeberlein <>

Dear Central-Eurasia-L Subscribers:

I thank you for your patience as we waited for the resolution of
problems with Central-Eurasia-L over the past 12 days. The list was
corrupted due to some computer problem on the Harvard system, and
unfortunately it has taken until now to get it fixed.

We will now begin to catch up on the backlog of accumulated postings.
I apologize to those whose postings were of a timely nature, with
deadlines or events that are now past. For announcements that have
already occurred, we will nevertheless distribute the postings since
some list members are always interested in the topics and speakers of
events which they are in any case unable to attend.

If you suspect that your posting may have gotten lost in the midst of
the technical problems, please do not hesitate to send it again. I
remind you that for all announcement postings to Central-Eurasia-L,
the address to send them to is (postings
sent to any other address, including the list address itself, will be
unlikely to be distributed, because of the problem with spam --
currently more than 1,000 spam postings are sent to the
Central-Eurasia-L address on a typical day!!).

Let me also take this moment to reflect a bit on the
Central-Eurasia-L Announcement List. Currently, we have nearly 6,000
subscribers, which makes it one of the most widely-subscribed lists
of its kind for the study of any world region. The number of people
interested in this region has continued to grow strongly since the
list was first established in 1996. If you know of people who would
be interested in information related to Central Eurasian studies,
please encourage them to subscribe. They can do so at -- or simply
write to to request it.

I would also like to encourage you to submit posting about events,
grants, publications, programs, etc. -- whether you are the
responsible party or you just happen to have the information. There
are some regions and fields of study which could be better
represented, if you can share the information.

It may be worth noting, to clarify some confusion: Central-Eurasia-L
is published by the Program on Central Asia and the Caucasus at
Harvard University. Until spring of 2008, we also hosted the
Secretariat of the Central Eurasian Studies Society (CESS), however,
Central-Eurasia-L and CESS are not connected with one another. The
CESS Secretariat has now moved on to Miami University of Ohio
( in the first of the rotations which are
planned to occur henceforth every five years. But the program which
I direct and Central-Eurasia-L remain at Harvard.

In closing, let me thank the subscribers of Central-Eurasia-L for
your interest, and especially for sharing information with the
Central Eurasian studies community worldwide. It has been very
gratifying to see, in the time since Central-Eurasia-L was
established, how the field has really grown and strengthened, and
correspondingly, so has the worldwide community of people who are
interested in and committed to this region.


John Schoeberlein

Dr. John Schoeberlein \ Director
Program on Central Asia and the Caucasus
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