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CONF./CFP- Workshop on Islam and Democracy in Asia, Louisvill, Ky., Mar. 13-14

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CONF./CFP- Workshop on Islam and Democracy in Asia, Louisvill, Ky., Mar. 13-14

Posted by: Shiping Hua <shiping.hua@louisville.edu>

Call for Papers

Workshop: "Islam and Democracy in Asia"

Hosted by the Center for Asian Democracy (CAD) and the Institute for
Democracy and Development (IDD), the University of Louisville,
Louisville, Kentucky, the United States, March 13-14, 2008.

We are looking for (1) theory-oriented papers that address the
relationship between Islam and democracy, (2) history-oriented works
that trace the introduction of Islam to Asia, and (3) area-based papers
that deal with the contemporary issues of Islam and democracy in South
Asia, Southeast Asia and Central Asia, including Xinjiang in China.

The following are suggested topics: (1) The Compatibility (or
incompatibility) of Islam with Democracy; (2) The Historical Diffusion
of Islam through Asia (3) Asian Islam and Arab Islam: Similarities and
Differences (4) The Taliban and Islam in Afghanistan (5) Islam in
Pakistan (6) Islam and Religious Conflicts in India (7) Asia's Radical
Islamic Diaspora (8) Islam in Central Asia and Western China (9) Islam
and Democratization in Indonesia (10) Islam and Democracy in Malaysia.
The organizers are open to other topics relevant to Islam and democracy
in Asia.

Prospective participants of the workshop should submit a one-page
proposal by November 1, 2007. Acceptance of proposals will be sent to
the authors by November 15, 2007.

We will cover the costs of the participants for airfare, room/board, and
provide an honorarium.

CAD website: http://louisville.edu/asiandemocracy

Proposals and inquiries should be sent to: Dr. Shiping Hua, CAD
Director, at shiping.hua@louisville.edu

Shiping Hua, Ph.D
Associate Professor of Political Science
Center for Asian Democracy
The University of Louisville
Ford Hall 301
Louisville, Kentucky 40292
Phone: 502-852-3305
email: s0hua002@louisville.edu

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