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PUBL.- Central Eurasian Studies Review, Vol. 7, No. 2

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PUBL.- Central Eurasian Studies Review, Vol. 7, No. 2

Posted by: Virginia Martin <>

Volume 7, Number 2 (Fall 2008) of the Central Eurasian Studies Review
is now available on the CESR website,

In this issue:

* Current CESS President Edward Lazzerini responds to Past-President
Laura Adams' article on applying postcolonial theory to Central Eurasia
* Research reports on Xinjiang as a frontier, non-national
historiography of Kazakhstan, interviewing migrants in Moscow, and more.
* Conference reports from Indiana, UCLA, and AAASS
* Reflections on the Aga Khan Humanities Project

See the full Table of Contents below for more.

We are currently accepting submissions to the next issue, Volume 8,
Number 1 (Spring 2009). Deadline: March 1st. Please consult the
website at for information on each of CESR's four
sections and guidelines for contributors.

CESR Vol. 7, No. 2 (Fall 2008) Table of Contents


- A Petroglyph from Tamgaly, Kenneth Lymer
- "Theory, Like Mist on Glasses...": A Response to Laura Adams,
Edward J. Lazzerini

Research Reports

Reports on Research Findings

- A New "Frontier Thesis" for the Northwest Chinese Borderland? The
Reinvention of Xinjiang from a Place of Chinese Exile to a Land of
Opportunity, Amy Kardos
- Community Governance and State Building in Rural Afghanistan, Jennifer Brick
- Historiography of Local and Regional Studies in Western Kazakhstan:
An Alternative to National History? Uyama Tomohiko
- A Research Note on Mass-Market Islamic Literature in Russia and
Central Asia, Allen Frank

Reports on Research Conditions

- Archival Research in Kyrgyzstan, Akiyama Tetsu
- Conducting Interviews with Labor Migrants in Moscow, Asel Doolotkeldieva

Conferences and Lecture Series

- Family and the State in Chinggisid and Post-Chinggisid Central
Eurasia, Reported by Virginia Martin
- Mobility and Governability in Central Asia: An International
Conference, Reported by Nile Green
- 40th National Convention of the AAASS, Reported by Sean Pollock

Educational Resources and Developments

- Humanities in the Plural: The Aga Khan Humanities Project and
Central Asian Higher Education, Chad D. Thompson

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