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CONF./CFP- 6th International Conference at Kazakh-German University, Almaty, Mar. 25-26, 2009

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CONF./CFP- 6th International Conference, Kazakh-German Univ, Almaty, Mar. 25-26

Posted by: Claudia Winkler <claudia.winkler@cimonline.de>

Kazakh-German University

6th International Conference at Kazakh-German University
Almaty / Kazakhstan

"The EU and Central Asia: Strategies for a new partnership"
25-26 March 2009

Kazakh-German University invites scholars, academics, and students
from Kazakhstan, Germany, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan
and Uzbekistan to participate in this conference.

The conference comprises 3 sections in which presentations will be
held and discussed with the audience.

1st Section: "Inducing sustainable competitiveness of the Central
Asian economies"

2nd Section: "Sustainable use of energy and water resources in Central Asia"

3rd Section: "Processes of political and social modernization in Central Asia"

4th Section: "The role of the young generation and education in
transition of the self-awareness of Central Asian societies"

5th Section: "Intercultural Dialogue: modern methods of teaching
foreign languages"

Participants from all academic disciplines are invited. Contributions
from students of Kazakh-German University and other universities in
Central Asia are particularly welcome. The conference aims at creating
a lively exchange of ideas between academics, professionals and students.

A conference volume including all papers will be published afterwards.

Articles submitted but not presented at the conference will be
published in the conference volume as well.

Please submit a short proposal for a paper in one of the sections (not
more than one page - DIN A4, font 14, Times New Roman) together with
personal details: name, field of research, work or study, academic
position, telephone, e-mail. Articles can be submitted in Kazakh,
German, Russian or English language.

Deadline for submission: 28 February 2009.

Please submit your proposal for a paper including contact details to:

Participation is free of charge. Proposals will be reviewed by the
organisational committee. Selected participants will get further
information by e-mail.

Contact information:

Kazakh-German University, Pushkin Str. 111/113, 050010 Almaty
Tel. +7 727 293 89 13, Fax: +7 727 293 90 01, e-mail: info@dku.kz

Organisational committee:

Prof. Dr. oec. habil. Bodo Lochmann - (Lecturer of German Academic
Exchange Service, DAAD and Deacon of the
Faculty of Engineering and Economics)
Prof. Dr. Tamara Volkova - (Deacon of the Faculty of Social Sciences,
Kazakh-German University)
Bayan Assylbekova - (Deacon of the Faculty of Economics)
Tatyana Bydzan - (Project Manager)
Claudia Winkler - (Marketing)

Centrum für internationale Migration und Entwicklung (CIM);
Mendelssohnstraße 75-77; 60325 Frankfurt am Main; Germany

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