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CFA- CEU Research Fellowships, Deadline: 20 January 2009

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CFA- CEU Research Fellowships, Deadline: 20 January 2009

Posted by: Gabor Halmai <>

CEU Professorial and CEU Visiting Research Fellowships

The program is designed to increase exchange between scholars of the
region and Central European University, and to promote original
research, which can be of practical benefit to a particular country or
region. The Visiting Research Fellowship Program is applicable to
citizens of countries in Central and Eastern Europe (except EU member
states), the former Soviet Union, Mongolia or of Palestine holding a
Ph. D. or equivalent, who are affiliated with a teaching or research
institution within the above said countries.

The program supports two types of Research Fellows. CEU Professorial
Research Fellows hold a full professorship, and are academics of
established (preferably national) standing within their discipline.
CEU Visiting Research Fellows are academics who have made a
contribution to their discipline through publications, conference
presentations, or other academic forums. Fellows are supported for a
period of from one to six months, depending upon the type of research
being undertaken. Both types of Fellowship cover accommodation and
travel costs to/from Budapest (up to a maximum limit and after
approval from the program coordinator), during the period of the
Fellowship, and a monthly stipend. CEU Visiting Fellows will receive
$900 per month, and CEU Professorial Fellows - $1500 per month.

Program Requirements

The primary requirement is a submission of an article to an
international peer-review journal. Whilst at CEU, Fellows will present
one Public Lecture to their host Department and the broader CEU
community. Within one month of completion of the Fellowship, Fellows
are required to submit to the Special Projects Office of CEU a brief
narrative report in English, describing the results of their research
activities at CEU. Within one year of completion of the Fellowship,
Fellows are required to submit to the Special Projects Office a
publication or an article prepared for publication in English, German,
or French based on their original research at CEU. The resulting
publication should state that this research is the outcome of a
Visiting Research Fellowship at CEU. Fellows are required to be in
residence at CEU for the duration of their Fellowship and are
accommodated in CEU's Residence and Conference Center.

Application Procedure

Application Forms with Criteria for Applicants in both categories are
available from the SPO/SEP Office, National Soros Foundation Offices
and electronically (see Application Forms above). CEU does not accept
Fellows during the summer or the Christmas period due to the limited
availability of professors, administrators and access to research
materials during vacation. Please note: those who are or who plan to
be involved in projects, research, teaching, or other activities
sponsored or co-sponsored by the Soros Foundation or OSI for the
duration of the Research Fellowship are not eligible to participate in
the program.

Beside the completed application form applicants are required to send
their CV, a research proposal, one letter of reference, copies of
relevant certificates.

On the letter of reference, stamps and signatures are expected. The
letter of reference can be sent by normal mail or fax. Alternatively a
scanned version can be sent by email. In case of emergency, we can
accept a letter of reference sent via e-mail from the mailbox of the
person who issued it.

Applications are evaluated by the relevant CEU Department or Center
and CEU's Special Projects Office. Therefore, we accept applications
in the following discipline areas:

Within CEU Departments:

* Economics:
* Environmental Science and Policy:
* Gender Studies:
* History (Modern and Early Modern):
* International Relations and European Studies:
* Legal Studies (Business Law, Comparative Constitutional Law and
Human Rights Law):
* Mathematics and Its Applications:
* Medieval Studies:
* Nationalism:
* Philosophy:
* Political Science:
* Sociology and Social Anthropology:

Within CEU Centers (each Center offers its research areas or topics
for potential Fellows):

* Center for Arts and Culture:
* Center for Environmental Policy and Law:
* Center for Ethics and Law in Biomedicine:
* Center for Hellenic Traditions:
* Center for Policy Studies:
* Center for EU Enlargement Studies:
* Humanities Center ( and Center for Media and
Communications Studies (
* Pasts, Inc. Center for Historical Studies:

Application Deadlines

Deadline for applications academic year 2009-2010:
20 January 2009

Requests for additional information and completed applications should
be sent to:

Central European University
Special and Extension Programs
Nador utca 9
1051 Budapest, Hungary
Tel: +36 1 327 3000 ext. 2585 or 2094
Fax: +36 1 327 3190

You can find the relevant fields of research, the application
requirements and more information on the Special and Extension
Programs Website:

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