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CFA- Deadline Extension - MA Program in International Area Studies, Japanese Studies for Central Asian Countries (MPIS/SPJCA), Tsukuba University

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CFA- Deadline Extension - MA Program in International Area Studies, Tsukuba U.

Posted by: Selection Committee MPAS/SPJSCA <>

Call For Applications

MA Program in International Area Studies, Special Program in Japanese
studies for Central Asian countries (MPIS/SPJCA)
* Two Year Program

DEADLINE is extended to January 10, 2009

Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of
Tsukuba is pleased to announce an open competition for its Master
Special Program in Japanese studies for Central Asian countries (MPIS/SPJCA).

The program welcomes international applicants from Central Asian
countries (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan) who are interested
in studying and making research on international relations and other
related fields with special emphasis on the Japanese studies.

This program aims to strengthen the capacity in teaching of various
subjects broadly related to the Japanese culture, role of Japan in
Asian and international affairs at various universities and
institutions in CA. This program is open for graduating
undergraduates, graduate students, faculty members and interested
professionals in three countries of Central Asia - namely, Kazakhstan,
Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

Taking into account that the majority of the faculty members and
students in CA possess limited knowledge of Japanese language, the
educational curriculum in the Master Program for International Area
Studies, University of Tsukuba offers a unique opportunity to obtain
the first-hand information and knowledge through English language
based educational curriculum in addition to a number of Japanese
language courses available to enrolling students. Therefore, previous
knowledge of Japanese language is not required for enrolling into this
program. The primary target countries for this program are
(Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan). Each year, six students from
five regional countries will have an opportunity to enroll into
educational and professional development programs on a Japanese
Government scholarship-based scheme with additional 6 students on a
self- or alternatively financed schemes. In addition to the
eligibility requirement outlined in the detailed package of this
program, the age requirement for those applying for the scholarship is
for applicants to be born after April 2, 1974.

Note that those candidates applying for the 1 year MA Program in
Educational and Cultural Policy for Central Asian Countries in the
University of Tsukuba are ineligible to apply for this program. If
candidates are eligible to apply for both programs, they will have to
choose only one per time.

For details of this program, please refer to the or to

Selection Committee MPAS/SPJSCA <>

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