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CFA- Specialization Religious Studies, Central European University

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CFA- Specialization Religious Studies, Central European University

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Specialization Religious Studies - Call for Applications

The Central European University (CEU) in Budapest now invites
applications for a Specialization in Religious Studies within the
one-year and two-year MA programs of its School of History.

Dear Colleagues:

Since fall 2007, Central European University offers a unique academic
program, the Specialization in Religious Studies. The Specialization
is offered to MA students in History or Medieval Studies, providing
the opportunity to receive a certificate of attendance, together with
the degree in either History or Medieval Studies. The program engages
in the study of religious phenomena from a historical point of view
and from a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives. Since CEU is
geographically located in a region that has been the crossroads of
major religious, cultural, and political histories and lineages, this
specialist field provides a unique experience and access to sources in
three areas:

* in-depth engagement with religious thought and traditions,
* focusing on the three monotheistic religions, in a historically and
conceptually grounded way,
* comparative study of their social, societal, institutional,
cultural, intellectual, and political contexts and implications.

The fact that CEU students find themselves in a unique cosmopolitan
environment and among fellow students with various cultural
backgrounds provides the additional opportunity to continue learning
outside the classroom.

The focus of the specialization is on the History of Monotheistic
Religions, without geographical boundaries. The program includes
comparative courses on
* Religion and Political Thought
* Sacred Texts and Bookish Traditions
* Philosophy of Religion and Theology
* Art and Liturgy
* Monastic Traditions
* Hagiography
* Sacred Kingship
* Magic, Cults and Occultism
* Heterodoxy
* Socio-historical aspects of religion
* Religion, Modernity, and Secularism
* Religious Movements
* Interaction and Exchange between the Religions
* and a variety of other topics.

Additionally, we can offer language courses in Ancient Greek, Latin,
Biblical Hebrew, and Arabic; more languages (Ottoman Turkish, Syriac)
will be added soon. Professors teaching in this program come from
Western, Central, and Eastern Europe, as well as the Middle East, and
represent a variety of disciplines, such as History, Political
Science, Archaeology, Philosophy, Sociology, Anthropology and Islamic
Studies. In conjunction with the Specialization there exists a
Religious Studies Program which supports research activities, lecture
series and annual student conferences. It is well networked,
regionally and internationally.

Students can apply to either the History or the Medieval Studies
Departments of CEU, indicating their interest in the Religious Studies
Specialization. We welcome applications from students who have done
their undergraduate work in history and religious studies but also in
related disciplines, such as political science, sociology, theology,
Islamic studies etc. General information about the admissions process
is available at

There are a variety of funding opportunities, available from resources
within and outside CEU. Please contact us for details information on
this issue.

For more information on this program or student registration, please
go to the CEU History Department's website,
Information on the program can be found under the link to Religious
Studies Specialization. Alternatively, you can contact directly the
program coordinator, Esther Holbrook:

Religious Studies Specialization
History Department
Central European University
Nador u. 11
Telephone: +36 1 327-3000/ext. 2170

Aziz Al-Azmeh
Nadia Al-Bagdadi
Matthias Riedl
(faculty in charge)

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