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JOB- Grants Management Assistant, Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation - Armenia

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JOB- Grants Management Asst., Open Society Inst. Assistance Foundation-Armenia

Posted by: Laura Gevorgyan <>

Open Society Institute
Assistance Foundation - Armenia

Vacancy Announcement

Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation – Armenia is currently
seeking applications for the following position:

Grants Management Assistant

This position is under the supervision of the Grants Manager and the
Finance Director. The incumbent is responsible for assisting in the
financial and documentation review of proposals and the management and
monitoring of grants.

The principal duties and responsibilities include:

* Assisting in the review of proposals/grants from an accounting,
legal and documentational point of view and in the preparation of
revised budgets;
* Conducting a thorough financial and regulation compliance review of
grantee financial reports. Managing all
routine correspondence with a grantee;
* Assisting the Grants Manager in contact with a grantee once a
positive grant decision has been made. This includes assisting with
the development of specific grant agreements, arranging site visits
and ensuring timely and full reporting and accounting from grantees;
* Per request of Grants Manager, organizing and assisting with grants
management seminars for grantees;
* Assisting in establishment and maintenance of grants management
files, paying special attention to documentations of on-going
monitoring, such as site visit memos, etc.

Qualifications will include:

* Bachelor's degree or equivalent in finance/accounting
* Accounting/banking background or grants management experience;
* English language proficiency;
* Excellent computer skills including database, accounting software
and word processing skills;
* Interest or experience in technical assistance issues;

Deadline for submission of applications (CV and a cover letter) is
December 25, 2008, 6:00 p.m. Please submit your application to the OSI
AF - Armenia office at 7/1 Tumanian St., 2nd cul-de-sac, Yerevan; Tel:
533862; 536758 or email it to

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