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CFA- CEU Summer University 2009 Courses

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CFA- CEU Summer University 2009 Courses

Posted by: CEU Summer University <sunweb@ceu.hu>

We would like to call your attention to the program information of the
Central European University's summer school (June 8-July 31, 2009)
held in Budapest, Hungary, which you may find an interesting study
abroad option.

Central European University is a US-style, internationally recognized
institution of post-graduate education in the social sciences and
humanities. Its summer school offers an international program in
English for graduate students, junior or post-doctoral researchers,
faculty and professionals in the social sciences and humanities,
drawing its student body of around 500 participants annually from more
than 60 countries and its faculty from over 30 countries.

In 2009 the summer school offers 21 high-level, research-oriented,
interdisciplinary academic courses as well as workshops on policy
issues for professional development, taught by internationally
renowned scholars and policy experts (including CEU faculty).
Application from all over the world is encouraged. Financial aid is

The general application deadline is February 16, 2009. More
information about the courses and the application process are
available at www.sun.ceu.hu/courses.

CEU Summer University Team

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