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PUBL.- The Caucasus and Globalization, Volume 2, Issue 3, 2008

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PUBL.- The Caucasus and Globalization, Volume 2, Issue 3, 2008

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Please find below the contents of the Volume 2 Issue 3 2008, of the
Caucasus and Globalization Journal (in English and Russian). The issue
will be published in the first decade of December.

The Caucasus and Globalization
Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies
Volume 2, Issue 3, 2008

Religion and the Caucasian Civilization

Special Issue


Preface - Eldar Ismailov


The Caucasian States: Ethnic and Confessional Factor of national Security -
Kenan Allakhverdiev

Central Europe, the Central Caucasus, and Central Asia: Confessional
Structure as a Factor in Regional Security - Jannatkhan Eyvazov

Globalization and the Georgian Orthodox Church - Zaza Piralishvili

Russia in the Northern Caucasus (late 18th-early 20th Centuries): State and
Legal Aspects of Its Religious Policies - Irina Babich

Russia's Islamic Policies in the Northern Caucasus: Historical Parallels -
Israpil Sampiev


Waqfs and Poverty Alleviation in Azerbaijan - Fuad Aliev

Islamic Finance and Its Use in Azerbaijan - Samir Sevimov


Religious Freedom and Religious Development in Azerbaijan - Nazim Muzaffarli

Tolerance as the Bedrock of Confessional and Sociocultutral Harmony in
Azerbaijan - Aysel Allakhverdieva

Bahaism and Ecumenism in the Context of Recent Sociocultural Trends - Leyla

Islamic Tradition in the Caucasus: Amidst Traditionalism, Reformism, and
Secularism - Elmir Kuliev

On the Formation and Development of Religious Thinking in Present-Day
Azerbaijan - Kenul Buniadzade

Russia: Problems Relating to the Cooptation of Graduates of Islamic Higher
Educational Institutions into the Official Muslim Clergy (Daghestan
Case-Study) - Rinat Pateev


Establishment of National Churches in the Caucasus - Zaza Aleksidze

Protestantism in the Caucasus - Sergo Namoradze

The moral Aspects of Adaptation to Global Changes: Daghestan Case-Study -
Zaid Abdulagatov

Judaism in the Caucasus - Rauf Guseynov

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