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PUBL.- Ab Imperio 3-2008 "Vandalizing the Garden: Multiple Forms of Violence in the Imperial Space

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PUBL.- Ab Imperio 3-2008, Vandalizing the Garden: Violence in Imperial Space

Posted by: Sergey Glebov <>

Dear Colleagues:

The editors of Ab Imperio would like to draw your attention to the 3d
issue of the journal in 2008. For information on the current annual
and issue programs, subscription, and contact information, please,
visit the journal's website at

Sergey Glebov

2008 Annual Theme:
Gardening Empire

Issue 3/2008 "Vandalizing the Garden: Multiple Forms of Violence in
the Imperial Space"

Methodology and Theory

Gardening Empire as "Civilizing Process" (E)

Daniel Chirot
The Retribalization of the Modern World: How the Revival of Ancient
Sentiments Leads to Persisting Nationalist and Ethnic Conflicts (E)

Simon Werrett
The Panopticon in the Garden: Samuel Bentham's Inspection House and
Noble Theatricality in Eighteenth-Century Russia (E)

Jorg Baberowski
Trust through Presence. Premodern Practices of Authority in Late
Imperial Russia


Galina Zelenina
Sephardic Philosophizers, Phantom Heresy and the Fame of the Spanish King (R)

Olga Minkina
Russian Authorities and the "Jewish Riot" of 1823-1824 (R)

Christoph Gumb
Threatening and Punishing: The Russian Army in Warsaw, 1904-1906 (R)

Felix Schnell

"Tear Them Apart... And Be Done With It!" The Ataman-Leadership of
Nestor Makhno as a Culture of Violence (E)

Sociology, Ethnology, Political Science

Forum AI

In Search of a Paradigm
Conceptualizing the August Conflict in the Caucasus

Interview with Stephen F. Jones
The Conflict in Georgia and the Self-Defeating Nature of Nationalism (E)

Georgi Derluguian
On the Making of Georgian-Russian Stereotyping (E)

Anna Temkina
Soviet-Style Gender Modernization vs. Traditional Scenarios of Sexual Life (R)

ABC: Empire & Nationalism Studies

Forum AI

Post-Soviet and Western Academic Communities:
Res Publica Litterarum - Imperium Litterarum?

Ben Eklof
"By A Different Yardstick:" Boris Mironov's A Social History of
Imperial Russia, 1700-1917, and Its Reception in Russia (E)

Ronald Grigor Suny
The Politics of Social History: Boris Mironov's Social History of
Imperial Russia (R)

Seymour Becker
Comment on Ben Eklof's "By a Different Yardstick" (E)

Alexander Kamenskii
Several Comments on Ben Eklof's Article (R)

Aleksei Penzin
"The Lost World," Or on the Decolonization of the Russian Social
Sciences (R)

William G. Rosenberg
"Yards and Meters" (Some Comments) (E)

Mark von Hagen
Reflections on Ben Eklof's "By a Different Yardstick" (E)

Jan Kusber
What Does It Mean to "Give Russia Back the Past?" Some Short Remarks on
Ben Eklof's "By a Different Yardstick," from a German Point of View (E)

Alain Blum
What Domination Are We Talking About? A French View of Russian Studies in
France, Russia, and USA (R)

Ben Eklof
Final Comments (E)

Newest Mythologies

Ilya Gerasimov

"The Truth of the Russian Body" and the Sweet Violence of the Imagined
Community (R)


Forum AI
Confession, Language, Ethnicity, and the Many Faces of Russian Empire

Steven Seegel
Darius Staliunas, Making Russians: Meaning and Practice of
Russification in Lithuania and Belarus after 1863 (Amsterdam and New
York: Rodopi, 2007).

Juliette Cadiot
Darius Staliunas, Making Russians: Meaning and Practice of
Russification in Lithuania and Belarus after 1863 (Amsterdam and New
York: Rodopi, 2007).

James P. Niessen
Darius Staliunas, Making Russians: Meaning and Practice of
Russification in Lithuania and Belarus after 1863 (Amsterdam and New
York: Rodopi, 2007).

Darius Staliunas
Postscript, Or a Review of Reviews (E)

Book Reviews

Gleb Albert
SSSR i Litva v gody Vtoroi mirovoi voiny: Sbornik dokumentov. Tom 1:
SSSR i Litovskaia respublika (mart 1939 - avgust 1940 gg.). / Sost. A.
Kasparavichjus, Ch. Laurinavichjus, N. Lebedeva. Vil'nius: Lietuvos
istorijos instituto ledykla, 2006. 774 s. Imennoj ukazatel'. ISBN:

Andrew Gentes
Alex Marshall, The Russian General Staff and Asia, 1800-1917 (London and New
York: Routledge, 2006). xii+274 pp. Tables, Figures, Bibliography, Index.
ISBN: 0-415-35561-3.

Mathijs Pelkmans
Catharine Alexander, Victor Buchli, and Caroline Humphrey (Eds.),
Urban Life in Post-Soviet Asia (London and New York: Routledge, 2007).
212 pp., ills.
Index. ISBN: 978-1-84472-115-3.

Michael Rouland
Marlene Laruelle and Sebastien Peyrouse, Les Russes du Kazakhstan:
Identite's nationales et nouveaux Etats dans l'espace post-sovie'tique
(Paris: "Maissonneuve & Larose," 2004). 354 pp. Bibliographie, Index. ISBN:

Vitalii Ananiev
Christoph Witzenrath, Cossacks and the Russian Empire, 1598-1725:
Manipulation, Rebellion and Expansion into Siberia (London and New York:
Routledge, 2007). xii+259 pp. Index, Maps. ISBN: 978-0-415-41621-4.

Marina Shabasova
Prostranstvennye faktory v formirovanii partiinykh sistem. Dialog
amerikanistov i postsovetologov / Pod red. K. Matsuzato. Sapporo:
Slavic Research Center, Hokkaido University, 2002. 108 s.

Krista Sigler
E. A. Vishlenkova, S. Iu. Malysheva, A. A. Sal'nikova. Terra Universitatis:
Dva veka universitetskoi kul'tury v Kazani. Kazan': Izdatel'stvo
Kazanskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta, 2005. 498 s., ill. ISBN:

Anke Hilbrenner
Journal of the Interdisciplinary Crossroads. April 2006. Vol. 3. No. 1
(Thematic Issue: David Kettler and Zvi Ben-Dor (Eds.), The Limits of Exile).
265 pp. ISSN: 0-972-9801.

Anastasia Meylakhs
Daniel Rankur-Lafer'er. Traditsiia pochitaniia ikon Bogomateri v
Rossii glazami amerikanskogo pskihoanalitika / Per. s angliiskogo A. Georgieva.
Moskva: "VRS", 2005. 350 s. ISBN: 5-94451-039-0.

Ekaterina Kluchnikova
Richard Taruskin, Defining Russia Musically: Historical and
Hermeneutical Essays (Princeton University Press, 1997). xxxii+561
pp., ill. ISBN:
0-69-101-156-7 (hardcover edition).

Darius Staliunas
A. K. Tikhonov. Katoliki, musul'mane i iudei Rossiiskoi imperii v
poslednei chetverti XVIII - XX vv. Sankt-Peterburg: Izdatel'stvo
Sankt-Peterburgskogo universiteta, 2007. 356 pp. ISBN: 978-5-288-04293-5.

Irena Vladimirsky
Evreiskii muzei. Sbornik statei / Sostaviteli V. A. Dymshits, V. E. Kel'ner.
Sankt-Peterburg: "Simpozium", 2004. 268 s., 32 il. ISBN: 5-89091-280-1.

Nikita Khrapunov
Edmund Hoec'kij. Spogadi z podorozhi po Krimu / Per. z pol'skop O. O.
Tiwenko-Monastirs'ka, kom. V. I. Baranov, O. O. Tiwenko-Monastirs'ka.
Simferopol': VAT "Simferopol'ska mis'ka drukarnja", 2008. 384 s. ISBN:

Stanislav Alekseev
Istoriia i filologiia: Problemy nauchnoi i obrazovatel'noi integratsii
na rubezhe tysiacheletii: Materialy mezhdunarodnoi konferentsii (2-5
fevralia 2000 goda) / Otv. red. I. O. Ermachenko. Petrozavodsk:
Izdatel'stvo Petrozavodskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta, 2000. 354 s. ISBN:

Maksim Kirchanov
Giedrius Subacius, Upton Sinclair: The Lithuanian Jungle. Upon the
Centenary of "The Jungle" (1905 and 1906) by Upton Sinclair
(Amsterdam: "Rodopi", 2006). 102 pp. Bibliography, Index. ISBN: 9-0420-1879-8.

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