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FLAS Fellowships for Language Study and Dissertation Research

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FLAS Fellowships for Language Study and Dissertation Research

Posted by: Donna Griesenbeck <>

This is to let you know that application forms for the 2009 Foreign
Language and Area Studies (FLAS) fellowships are now available online at:

The FLAS Fellowship competition is open to US citizens and permanent
residents. The deadline for continuing students is January 9, 2009.

Languages covered by the East European FLAS competition include:
Bosnian, Czech, Polish, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Ukrainian, Uzbek and
Yiddish. Other FLAS categories can support study of Uyghur,
Mongolian, Persian, etc.

Academic year FLAS fellowships cover up to $12,000 towards tuition and
health fees, plus an annual living stipend of $15,000. The award cannot
be prorated; only full-year awards are allowed. Language and area
studies award recipients must be enrolled in an area language course for
both terms of the award (same language both terms). In addition, award
recipients must be enrolled in an area studies course each term of the

Note to PhD candidates: Academic year FLAS awards may also be used for
dissertation research, provided you are at the advanced level of
language proficiency. The use of language in dissertation research must
be extensive enough to be able to consider the foreign language
improvement facilitated by the research equal to the improvement that
would be obtained from a full academic year's worth of formal
instruction. Fellowships require affiliation with an academic
institution or organization approved by the Department of Education.

Summer FLAS fellowships cover up to $4,000 tuition plus a stipend of
$2,500. Summer FLAS Fellowships are available for intensive language
study only.

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Student Programs Officer
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