Tuesday, December 16, 2008

MUSIC CD/DVD- Musiques Karakalpakes (Asie Centrale), Frédéric Léotar

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MUSIC CD/DVD- Musiques Karakalpakes (Asie Centrale), Frédéric Léotar

Posted by: Frederic Leotar <fredericleotar@hotmail.com>

Dear Colleagues:

I am pleased to announce you the release of the first CD totally
dedicated to the Karakalpak musical heritage. The recordings of the CD
have been completed during a fieldwork (2007) among storytellers,
musicians and persons for whom singing is still tightly related to
ritual and daily activities.

The CD comes with a DVD showing several significant aspects of singing
(including a lullaby recorded in situ) and instrumental practices
(kobuz, dutar, sybyzgy).

This CD-DVD is the first issue of a new collection dedicated to the
music of Inner Asian Turkic populations ("Inner Asia No. 1") edited by
Buda Records:

Karakalpakistan ~ La Voix des Ancêtres
The Voice of Ancestors

To listen some excerpts of the CD, please go to:





Frédéric Léotar

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