Wednesday, December 3, 2008

LECTURE- Corruption in Higher Education, Erkaiym Mambetalieva, SRC-AUCA, Dec. 3 (TODAY)

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LECTURE- Corruption in Higher Education, Erkaiym Mambetalieva, SRC-AUCA, Dec. 3

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The Social Research Center (SRC) at American University of Central Asia

"Corruption in the Higher Education System: Causes, Magnitude and Solutions"

Ms. Erkaiym Mambetalieva, Northern Regional Representative of the Kyrgyz
Republic's Agency on Preventing Corruption

Time: 5 p.m., December 3, 2008
Venue: Room 315, AUCA (Main Building)
Language: Russian (Interpretation into English will be provided ONLY if
requested in advance)

Synopsis: Corruption has become a global challenge, creating serious
threats to the stability and security of societies. It undermines
democratic institutions and values, weakens ethical values and
fairness, and damages sustainable development and law and order.
Corruption is one of the most important issues in contemporary
Kyrgyzstan, which has impeded efforts to solve the country's most
important economical and political issues. It weakens the legitimacy
of the government's authority in the eyes of its citizens, leads to
the degradation of society, and damages the image of our country in
the contemporary world. This situation is exacerbated by the fact
that corruption has penetrated the sphere of higher education, which
will threaten all spheres of human activity in the future. During the
lecture Ms. Mambetalieva will present the main theses and
recommendations of her policy brief.

Bio: Ms. Erkaiym Mambetalieva holds a Candidate of Political Science degree
from the Historical Department of Kyrgyz National University. She worked as
a director of Anticorruption Center under the Bishkek City Administration.
She was an expert on the GTZ project "Impact of Corruption on
Entrepreneurship," and the TACIS Project "Support of Reforms in Public
Service of Kyrgyzstan." Ms. Mambetalieva is the author of more than 10
scientific publications.

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