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JOB- Nursery Manager, University of Central Asia, Tekeli, Kazakhstan

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JOB- Nursery Manager, University of Central Asia, Tekeli, Kazakhstan

Posted by: Dilrabo Jonbekova <>

University of Central Asia

Nursery Manager, Tekeli Kazakhstan

The University of Central Asia (UCA) was founded in 2000 by the
governments of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan, and His
Highness the Aga Khan to foster the economic and social development of
Central Asia, especially its vast mountain regions. The International
Treaty and Charter establishing this secular and private University
was signed by the Presidents of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic and
Tajikistan, ratified by the respective parliaments, and registered
with the United Nations.

Qualified candidates for the position of University of Central Asia
(UCA) Tekeli campus Nursery Manager shall work with the UCA Botanists
and other UCA personnel generally and oversee the functioning and
management of the working plant nursery at the campus site at Tekeli,
Kazakhstan. The nursery program will prepare plants for use on campus
lands and specifically to landscape the campus prior to opening in
2011. The Nursery Manager shall have the necessary skills to manage a
plant nursery and staff for this purpose; have a good working
knowledge of plants and their growth; be able to order and disseminate
necessary agricultural materials and have working familiarity with
horticultural/planting equipments necessary for this purpose. The
Nursery Manager will have the ability to teach others of this work.

Candidates shall possess the necessary skills and training that
includes plant identification, propagation, fertilization, pest
control and pruning, and possess at least five years practical
experience in the field or possess ten years experience at a
recognized commercial nursery. Experience as a licensed arborist
and/or practical forestry will be considered advantageous. Candidates
shall have a working knowledge of English. Candidates shall be in a
position to locate to Tekeli, Kazakhstan and shall be willing to
travel as required to nurseries throughout the country, Central Asia
region and other locations as required to fulfill specific missions
relating to the Tekeli UCA nursery programme.

Candidates should submit in Russian or English a curriculum vitae,
list of three professional references, and a covering letter to by December 31, 2008

Responsibilities of the UCA Nursery Manager will include:

- working with the University UCA botanists and other UCA project
personnel to identify appropriate plant materials for use in and on
the UCA campuses generally.
- working with the UCA staff manage and direct activities of the UCA
working nursery and UCA land holdings in Tekeli in order to provide
healthy and diverse plant materials for the UCA Tekeli campus prior to
the opening in 2011 and to maintain existing plant materials in
healthy condition. Duties will include acquiring, transplanting
propagating and sustaining plants from on and off site sources and the
collecting indigenous plants and seeds.
- maintaining a premier working knowledge and best practices in
relation to the propagation, fertilization, pest control and pruning
of plant materials acquired, including knowledge of American Nursery
Association Standards and Practices or other similarly recognized
- maintaining a functional nursery and staff, solely responsible to
maintain adequate supplies of plant materials to fulfill the landscape
objectives for the UCA Tekeli campus.
- working with other plant and nursery experts, to carry out research
and draw on previous research relating to indigenous trees and plants,
the history of the introduction of plants from elsewhere, etc.
- to disseminate knowledge of appropriate trees and plants to
residents of the territory served by UCA and to serve as a public
resource on such matters.
- to provide labels and relevant instructional materials in order to
maximize the value of the UCA Tekeli nursery generally to local
residents (including school children), visitors, tourists, as well as
students, faculty and staff of UCA itself.
- create programs such as computer based plant records, plant
sequencing, propagation, distribution and maintaining research collections.
- to maintain liaisons on the above matters with counterparts and
other UCA campuses.
- to maintain fruitful links with relevant national ministries
(Forestry, Almaty Botanic Garden, etc).
- to attend regional symposiums on plant research and propagation for
use within the specific biomes of the campus sites.

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