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CFA- Masters Degree Study in Sweden for East Europe/Eurasia

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CFA- Masters Degree Study in Sweden for East Europe/Eurasia

Posted by: Program on Central Asia and the Caucasus <>

The information below refers to the academic year 2009/2010.

General Criteria

Countries: The Master in Sweden for East Europe Program is open for
applicants from Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and
Herzegovina, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Former Yugoslav Republic of
Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Tajikistan and Ukraine.

Study levels: The program is open for master's level students.

Fields of study: Applicants from all the countries listed above can
apply for master's level studies in democracy (including gender
issues), economics, environmental studies and energy. In addition
there are other fields of study open to candidates from selected
countries, according to the following:

Applicants from Albania, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan and
Ukraine are eligible for master's level studies in health science and
social issues.

Applicants from Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia,
Kyrgyzstan, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Moldova, Tajikistan
and Ukraine are eligible for master's level studies in agricultural sciences.

Applicants from Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Georgia, Kosovo, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Ukraine are
eligible for master's level studies in forestry.

Eligible master's program

Eligible master's degree programs for Swedish Institute scholarships
are listed here:

Important dates

The online application service for Swedish master's degree programs
opens on December 1 at Deadline for
applications for most master's degree programs is January 15.

Application for SI scholarships can only be made after you have been
accepted on a Swedish master's program on the list above and must be
followed by an admission confirmation from

Instructions concerning the scholarship application procedure and an
online application form will be published on this website in April 2009.

The result of the application procedure will be announced at
and at the beginning of June.

Program description


The purpose of the scholarship program is to encourage the development
of specialist expertise in targeted countries by giving at least 100
students the possibility to study at master level in Sweden during the
period 2006-2009.

Target group

Master's level students from specified countries will be given an
opportunity to attend qualified programs. A complete list of all
eligible master's Level programs in Sweden can be found on "How to
apply" below from December 15. However, remember that not all fields
are open for students applying to the Master in Sweden for East Europe

Who is eligible?

The scholarships are intended for students belonging to any of the
above mentioned target groups for master's studies in Sweden.

You are not eligible for this scholarship if any of the following is true:
- You have already lived in Sweden for two years or more when the
scholarship period is due to begin.
- You have aa Swedish permanent residence permit.
- You have a Swedish work permit and you are not an EU citizen.

There is no age limit for scholarship holders. You need, however, to
be fluent in English and you must apply for full-time studies.

Students previously awarded a scholarship from the SI for study at a
Swedish university will not be given priority.

Selection criteria

The primary evaluation of the application takes into account the
applicant's academic background and personal motivation. In the final
selection of candidates, academic fields, countries and gender will
also be considered.

Scholarship benefits and limitations

The scholarship amounts to SEK 8,000 per month.

Travel grants

Scholarship holders also receive a travel support in connection with
the scholarship. The travel grant is a lump sum, given only once,
regardless of the cost of travel.

Scholarship holders from Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Kosovo, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro,
Serbia and Ukraine receive a travel grant amounting to SEK 5,000.
Scholarship holders from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and
Tajikistan receive a travel grant of SEK 10,000.


Scholarship holders are insured by the Swedish State Group Insurance
against illness and accident during the scholarship period. For
citizens of EU member states and other Convention countries the
insurance applies with certain limitations.

Visa and residence permits

SI scholarship holders are given priority in the visa and residence
permit procedures at the Swedish Migration Board. Visas are free of
charge for SI scholarship holders.

Scholarship limitations

The scholarship is designed to cover the living costs for the
scholarship holder. There are no grants for family members. No bench
fee is provided.

The granted scholarship period cannot be shortened, altered or
extended. If you wish to apply for subsequent funding you must apply
within a new call for applications.

How to apply

Application instructions for SI scholarships for the academic year
2009/2010 will be available on in April 2009.

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