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PUBL.- Central Eurasia: National Currencies

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PUBL.- Central Eurasia: National Currencies

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The Publishing House CA&CC Press AB is prepared and published a book
"Central Eurasia: National Currencies". This book presents the
results of a comprehensive analysis of the establishment of monetary
and banking systems in the Central Eurasian countries and their
integration into the global monetary and financial system.

Please find the contents of the book (in English and Russian) below.


Eldar Ismailov - Preface

Eldar Ismailov - National Currencies of the Central Eurasian Countries
in the Context of Financial Globalization

1. Prehistory of the Restoration of National Currencies in the CEA Countries

2. Development of the Monetary and Banking Systems of the CEA
Countries and their Integration into the Global Financial Structure


Nurullah Delavari - National Currency of Afghanistan­the Afghani

Ubaid Okimbekov - National Currency of Afghanistan: Characteristics
and Development Stages

Republic of Armenia

Tigran Sarkisian - National Currency of Armenia­the Dram

Haroutiun Khachatrian - Armenian Currency: the Drama of the Dram

Azerbaijan Republic

Elman Rustamov - National Currency of Azerbaijan­the Manat

Zakhid Mamedov - Azerbaijan Monetary System: Main Development Trends


Roman Gotsiridze - National Currency of Georgia­the Lari

Merab Kakulia - Before and after the Introduction of the Lari:
Georgian National Currency in Retrospect

Republic of Kazakhstan

Anvar Saidenov - National Currency of Kazakhstan­the Tenge

Leila Muzaparova - National Currency of Kazakhstan: History, Evolution

Kyrgyz Republic

Marat Alapaev - National Currency of Kyrgyzstan­the Som

Rosa Ashimbaeva - Emergency and Development Prospects of national
Currency in the Kyrgyz Republic

Republic of Tajikistan

Murotali Alimardonov National Currency of Tajikistan­the Somoni

Anwar Kamolov - The Current State of Foreign Exchange Policy in Tajikistan


Igor Proklov - National Currency of Turkmenistan­The Manat

Republic of Uzbekistan

Abdurahim Vakhabov, Tulkin Bobakulov - National Currency of Uzbekistan­the Soum

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