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PUBL.- Patterns of Transformation in and around Uzbekistan

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PUBL.- Patterns of Transformation in and around Uzbekistan

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The Italian Association for the Study of Central Asia and the Caucasus
(ASIAC) is glad to announce the publication of

Patterns of Transformation in and around Uzbekistan, edited by Paolo Sartori
and Tommaso Trevisani, Diabasis, Reggio Emilia, 2007. 320 pages, 25 euro.

This volume presents a selection of articles which reflects the many facets
of the historic-social research now being done in and around the most
populous of the Central Asian republics, ranging from history to political
science and anthropology. In keeping with the theme of the variety of
political, social and cultural transformations which have taken place in the
recent past, or are still underway, the authors offer a rich and articulated
image of a situation that today is little studied, except by a narrow circle
of experts. Can Uzbek society be still legitimately identified essentially
as an example of "post-Soviet" development? Should this development still be
viewed as an imperfect transition to a Western model - as is often still
posited in post-Socialist transitology? This book tries to answer these
questions by investigating the institutional legacies and contemporary
developments, attempting to overcome the commonplaces of past research, and
producing new, empirically grounded pictures of the region's institutional

Paolo Sartori / Tommaso Trevisani:

Gero Fedtke:
How Bukharans Turned into Uzbeks and Tajiks: Soviet Nationalities
Policy in the Light of a Personal Rivalry

Chiara De Santi:
Cultural Revolution and Resistance in Uzbekistan during the 1920s. New
Perspectives on the Woman Question

Alisher Ilkhamov:
National Ideologies and Historical Mythology Construction in
Post-Soviet Central Asia

Habiba Fathi:
Women of Authority in Central Asian Islam as Identity Preserving
References and Agents of Community Restructuring in the Post-Soviet Period

Irene Hilgers:
Defining the "Uzbek Christian": Conversion to Christianity in the
Ferghana Valley

Paolo Sartori:
Tashkent 'Ulama' and Soviet State (1920-1938): A Preliminary Research
Note Based on NKVD Documents

Tommaso Trevisani:
Rural Communities in Transformation: Fermers, Dehqons, and the State in Khorezm

Caleb Wall:
Peasant Resistance in Khorezm? The Difficulties of Classifying
Non-Compliance in Rural Uzbekistan

Anja Schöller-Schletter:
Structural Deficits in Legal Design and Excessive Executive Power in
the Context of Transition in Uzbekistan

Matteo Fumagalli:
The Role of Frames in Explaining Uzbek Political Mobilization in
Post-Soviet Kyrgyzstan (1991-2003)

Arnaud Ruffier:
Rôle de la transformation des pratiques de la fête de navro'z a dans
la mise en scène d'un imaginaire politique en Ouzbékistan

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