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PUBL.- Central Asia and the Caucasus, No. 5, 2007

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PUBL.- Central Asia and the Caucasus, No. 5, 2007

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Please find the contents of no. 5(47), 2007 of the 'Central Asia and the
Caucasus' journal (in English and Russian) below. The issue will be
published in late November.

Central Asia and the Caucasus
Journal of Social and Political Studies
No.5 (47), 2007

In this issue:

Elections and Power

Timur Shaymergenov. On the Results of the Special Parliamentary Elections in

Russias Policy in Central Eurasia: Specifics and Prospects

Farkhad Tolipov. Russia in Central Asia: retreat, Retention, or Return?

Alexander Kniazev. Russia in Central Asia: Return

Guli Yuldasheva. The Russian Factor in Central Asian Geopolitics in the
Context of Iranian-American Contradictions

Andrei Grozin. Post-Soviet Asia: New Geopolitical Trends and Russia's

Yuri Sulaberidze. Georgia in Russian Policy

Malkhaz Matsaberidze. Georgia-Russia: In Search of Civilized Relations

Slavomír Horák Dynamics of Russian-Kyrgyz Relations: From the
Center-Periphery to Unilateral Dependence?

Parviz Mullojanov. Russian-Tajik Relations: Present State and Future

Jafar Usmanov. Changes in the Configuration of Russia's Military Presence in
Tajikistan and Its Influence on Maintaining Security in Central Asia

Regional Security

Jannatkhan Eyvazov. Territory, Population. Ethnoses, and Securitization: On
the Endogenous Factors of Security in the Regional Systems of the Caucasus
and Central Asia

Nuria Kutnaeva. Armed Forces and Military Reform in Kyrgyzstan

Regional Politics

Saida Safaeva. Post-Soviet Integration Through the Prism of Political
Transformation in the Newly Independent States

Sulaiman Reshiev. The Degree of Federal Influence on the Development Vector
of the Chechen Republic

Mass Media

Eric Freedman. Framing the Turkmenbashi: Western Press Portrayals of the
Late President of Turkmenistan

Beka Chedia. The Special Features of Georgia's Political Media Milieu after
the Rose Revolution

For Your Information

The Special Feature section in the next issues will discuss:

Energy Policy and Energy Projects in Central Eurasia

The GUAM Organization for Democracy and Economic Development in Regional
and International Dimensions

Regional Centers of Power (Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India) and their Policy
in Central Eurasia

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