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JOB- Project Coordinator/Radio Editor-in-Chief/Director, Press Now Uzbek Radio Service

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JOB- Project Coordinator/Radio Editor-in-Chief/Director, Press Now Uzbek Radio

Posted by: Jobien Nienhuis for Elisabetta Plebani <>

From: Press Now
Posted: 19 October 2007

Press Now is an organization located in the Netherlands that supports
independent media in conflict regions and transition countries, with
the aim to promote the development of open and democratic societies.
You can find more information on Press Now at our website:

Press Now is setting up a new offshore radio station for Uzbekistan.
The radio station will be, initially, a one-hour-weekly broadcast of
news, entertainment, reportage and other diverse Uzbekistan-focused
programmes. The programme will be broadcasted into Uzbekistan from
abroad via satellite in to mid-wave signals. Broadcasting will be done
in Uzbek language. In the future the amount of languages within the
programme might be expanded; for example to Russian and Tajik.

Besides the radio programme broadcast, a to-be-set-up website would
support the station.

Press Now is seeking a Project coordinator / Radio Editor-in-Chief /
Director for a new off-shore radio on / for Uzbekistan

The new off-shore radio project based in the Netherlands wishes to
disseminate news from and for Uzbekistan. It aims to inform and raise
awareness among its listeners by broadcasting professional, objective
and non partisan radio programmes which gives a voice to the unheard
majority of the population in Uzbekistan.

The radio project is a grassroots initiative and will start as a
one-hour-weekly broadcast of news, entertainment and reportages of
diverse Uzbekistan-focused programmes. Key words of the radio
initiative are: professional, non partisan, independent, innovative,
participatory and with special interest for the youth in Uzbekistan.

To realise this radio project, Press Now is currently seeking a
project coordinator to set up the radio station. With expected success
the coordinator could be editor-in-chief / director of the radio.
Initially, she/he will be responsible for setting up the radio station
first, and further manage the radio station as well as overseeing all
editorial content. The task is not easy but very challenging and
rewarding. We are looking, therefore, for people with great
enthusiasm, commitment and enough ambition to make the project reality.

Selection procedure starts in November 2007.


Phase 1
- Set up the radio programme
- Develop strategy for project development
- Manage the project, raise funds, and report on activities undertaken
- Recruit and select a team and provide team building
- Communicate and intermediate with Press Now, donors, team and all
other stakeholders

Phase 2
- Provide leadership and direction for the production of the radio programme;
- Coordinate between funding and partner organization representatives;
- Play the leading role in fundraising for the Radio and in
negotiating with and building on the work of other donors in order to
achieve the maximum leverage of existing support;
- Design/help designing sales strategies for advertisers;
- Manage programme budget and expenditures;
- Ensure that programme goals are met;
- Oversee the general management and operational aspects of the Radio,
- Supervise personnel and organise training for old and new staff;
- Design and direct the development of the Radio's local and regional
- Prepare reports and regular briefings to the board and donors;
- Effectively communicate the Radio's goals and strategies to the staff;
- Represent the Radio at conferences and events;


(NOTE: in order not to discourage people to apply for the 2 phases
separately; for the first phase of the project it is not necessary to
have all qualifications which are specifically relevant for an editor in chief)

- Preferably five years experience in radio journalism and radio
production (plus website journalism - it is an advantage);
- Have (at least some) knowledge of media market in and around Uzbekistan;
- Have (at least some) understanding/experience with PR-marketing
activities and campaigns;
- Experience as chief-editor and manager;
- Budgeting and financial management skills;
- Experience negotiating with stakeholders;
- Experience in covering news on Uzbekistan and knowledge on current
affairs in Uzbekistan and related countries;
- Strong computer skills as well as radio broadcast technique, sound
editing skills and new media;
- Outstanding communication and problem solving skills;
- Attention to detail, excellent organizational skills and the
ability to meet deadlines;
- Ability to manage a network of fist-tier correspondents and
stringers throughout Uzbekistan;
- Keen understanding of the demands of radio and its potential listeners;
- Commitment to covering human rights issues;
- Commitment to high ethical standards of journalism;
- Relevant educational degree;
- Fluent in Uzbek and English (Russian is an advantage), preferably
in spoken and written language;
- Ready to work in the Netherlands.

We offer

- A challenging project
- Professional assistance and expertise
- Working within an international context
- A chance to make a difference
- An opportunity to make Uzbekistan's media landscape more multiform
- A swift career development
- A salary to be discussed

If interested, please send a letter of interest and resume to Press
Now before 12 November 2007 to programme coordinator Betta Plebani at:

This position is open until we find a suitable candidate.

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