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CONF.- Central Asian Studies: History, Politics and Society, Dec. 14-16, 2007, Univ. of Tsukuba

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CONF.- Central Asian Studies Conference, Dec. 14-16, 2007, Univ. of Tsukuba

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Conference: Central Asian Studies: History, Politics and Society, December
14-16, 2007, University of Tsukuba, Japan

Organized by the University of Tsukuba, Stockholm University,
University of Tokyo and University of Cambridge

Tentative Programme

December 14 (Fri.), 2007

Key note speech:

Komatsu Hisao (University of Tokyo)

Panel 1. Politics: Transformation and challenges

1. Bakhtiyor Babadjanov (Institute of History, Academy of Sciences of
"Post-Soviet Re-Islamisation in Central Asia: Problems and New
Perspectives of the Research"

2. Stéphane A. Dudoignon (CNRS, Paris)
"'Sorcerers' vs. 'Priests'? Towards a Typology of Spiritual
Authority in Soviet and Present-Day Tajikistan (1924-1997)"

3. Allen J. Frank (Independent scholar)
"Mass-Market Islamic Literature in Turkmenistan: Sources and Currents"

4. Parvis Mullajanov, Tajikistan (Public Committee for Democratic
Processes, Tajikistan)
"Contemporary Conflict Analyses: Methodology, Specifics and
Approaches on the case of Civil War in Tajikistan (1992 -1997)"

5. Michael Fredholm (Stockholm University, Sweden)
"Russia's Role in Transforming Central Asia"

December 15 (Sat.), 2007

Panel 2. History reconsidered

Moderator: Hisao Komatsu (University of Tokyo)

1. Tomohiko Uyama (SRC, University of Hokkaido)
"Reconsidering the Interactions between the Tsarist Administration
and Central Asian Intellectuals: Is the Orientalism Theory Viable?"

2. Muhlisabonu Kadyrova (Institute of Oriental Studies, Acad. of
Science of Uzbekistan)
"Khwaja Ahrar and the Ahrarids: the ways of formation of "the
sacred clan" in Central Mawarannahr"

3. Guljanat Kurmangalieva (Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University, Kyrgyzstan)
"In the Light of Oral History: From Stalin to Gorbachev (Living
History of Central Asian People: The Case of Kyrgyzstan Project)"

4. Cloé Drieu (National Institute of Oriental Languages and
Civilisations/New Sorbonne University (Paris))
"Central Asian Fiction Films as a Tool for History"

5. Suchandana Chatterjee (Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian
Studies, Kolkatta, India)
"The Prelude and the Interlude Narratives of Transfer of Power in
Bukhara, 1920-24"

Panel 3: Linguistic Policy and its Implications

Moderator: Merrick Tabor (University of Stockholm)

1. Birgit Schlyter (University of Stockholm)
"Uzbek Language Policy and the Ideology of National Independence"

2. Toshinobu Usuyama (University of Tsukuba)
"Russian Language in Kyrgyz Society (tentative)"

3. William Fierman (Indiana University)
"Language Situation in Kazakhstan (tentative)"

4. Rano Turaeva (Max Planc Institute)
"Language and Identity in Horezm Region of Uzbekistan (tentative)"

5. Eric Schluessel (Indiana University)
"The language situation in Xinjiang"

December 16, 2007

Panel 4. Sustainability and local institutions and networks

Moderator: Carole Faucher (University of Tsukuba)

1. Shaila Fennel (University of Cambridge)
"Historical Dimension of Biodiversity in Central Asia"

2. Sergei Abashin (Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Russia)
"Family, clan community and Turgunboi: on Collective and Individual
a 'traditional' society"

3. Ilhan Sahin (Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University, Kyrgyzstan)
"Clan and Kinship Networks according to the Oral Sources" (Living
History of Central Asian People: The Case of Kyrgyzstan Project)

4. Nicolas de Pedro (OPEX, Spain)
"Central Asia and the Human Security Paradigm"

5. Ariane Zavaco (Graduate School of Social Sciences (EHESS, Paris),
French Institute of Research in Iran (IFRI, Tehran)
"Defining Cultural Identity in Tajikistan: The Oriental Roots in Question"

6. Takeshi Kimura (University of Tsukuba)
"Considering the Sustainability and its Potentials"

Panel 5. International Relations of Central Asia

Moderator: Yuasa Takeshi (Institute of Defense Studies, Japan)

1. Timur Dadabaev (University of Tsukuba)
"Functionalist Paradigm and Cooperation Schemes in Central Asia (tentative)"

2. Arutyun Ulunyan (Academy of Sciences, Russian Federation)
"Central Asia: looking from Moscow. Experts' and academicians'
approach to regional situation"

3. Merrick Tabor (University of Stockholm)

4. Farkhod Talipov (National University of Uzbekistan)

5. Omarov Nur (Kyrghyz - Russian Slavic University, Kyrgyzstan),
"Sovremennoe sostoianie i perspektivy integratsionnykh protsessov v
Tsentral'noi Azii" (Current State of Affairs and Prospects of
Integration Processes in Central Asia)

6. Anita Sengupta (Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies,
Kolkata, India)
"The Geopolitics of Political Space in Uzbekistan"

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