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CONF./CFP- Contemporary Mongolia, Vancouver, 15-17 Nov 2008

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CONF./CFP- Contemporary Mongolia, Vancouver, 15-17 Nov 2008

Posted by: Julian Dierkes <>

Upcoming Conference:
"Contemporary Mongolia - Transitions, Development and Social Transformations"
November 15-17, 2008
Vancouver, Canada

Call for Presentation Proposals

In the year of the 35th anniversary of diplomatic relations between
Canada and Mongolia, a major conference will be organized under the
auspices of the Program on Inner Asia at the Institute of Asian
Research of the University of British Columbia.

Spread over two days, academic discussions will focus on developments
in Mongolia in the areas of research on:

1. agricultural economics/pastoralism,
2. ecosystems,
3. education,
4. health,
5. mining and economic development,
6. politics and international relations,
7. religion, and
8. transition studies.

The third day of the conference will be devoted to
roundtable-discussions of an outlook for contemporary Mongolia.

We are now calling for proposals for presentations at this conference.
Interested scholars should email their presentation proposals of no
more than 250 words in English to by January 18, 2008.

The proposal should be accompanied by a curriculum vitae or a brief
biographical note. URLs for on-line CVs may also be substituted for this.

The proposal should identify which of the 8 broad areas of research
identified above the proposal would fall under. Proposed presentations
should be based on empirical research focused on contemporary Mongolia
in all disciplines of the social sciences, broadly conceived. The
presentations should engage with the scholarly literature in a given field.

Presentations on comparative research (including research on the Inner
Mongolian Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China) are
very welcome, although the presentation itself should focus on Mongolia.

Proposals from junior scholars (including advanced PhD candidates) and
from Mongolian scholars would be especially welcome.

Proposals that are accepted will lead to an invitation to the speaker
to participate, including funding for transport to and accommodations
in Vancouver. Speakers would be expected to circulate a paper ahead of
the conference.

For more information, please contact Dr. Julian Dierkes, Co-ordinator,
Program on Inner Asia, Institute of Asian Research, UBC at or see

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