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PANEL/CFP- Panel on Education in Afghanistan at CIES Conference, Mar 17-21, New York

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PANEL/CFP- Panel on Education in Afghanistan at CIES Conference, Mar 17-21, NYC

Posted by: Michael Sinclair <msinclairafg04@yahoo.ca>

The theme of the 52nd Annual Conference of the Comparative and
International Education Society (CIES - http://www.cies.ws) is
"Gaining Educational Equity Around the World. The conference will
place special emphasis on educational equity within and among regions
and countries, focusing on the impact of factors such as gender, race,
ethnicity, income, wealth, disability, and urbanization.

Proposals are encouraged that address the measurement, extent,
origins, and solutions for gaining education equity on a local,
national, regional, and international scale." (See

http://www.tc.edu/academic/ITS/CIES/papers.htm for full details.)

Within this framework, I hope to organize (together with Steve Bahry
at OISE/UT in Toronto, Canada) a panel on "Education Reconstruction
Under Conditions and Legacy of War, Occupation and Poverty: The
Special Case of Afghanistan". Proposals could be on any educational
area or topic including about recent challenges and experiences since
2001. We especially welcome proposals on successful, flawed or failed
initiatives and innovations in the field that involve an analysis of
the reception of education programs by students, parents, teachers,
and the broader community. Submission of papers written by or
co-authored by colleagues from Afghanistan will be particularly welcomed.

A CIES panel typically comprises 3-4 papers and a discussant; and
regardless is allocated only 1.5 hours in the conference program.
Please also note that all presenters must be CIES members at the time
of registration for the conference (see http://cies.ws/membership.htm).

If you would like to suggest a paper for this panel, please submit the
following information by e-mail to:
msinclairafg04@yahoo.ca, with cc to stephen.bahry@gmail.com, NOT LATER
than Monday November 26, 2007. (The final deadline for CIES to
receive panel submissions is December 1, 2007.) IF you intend to
submit a proposal please, owing to the very short lead time, so advise
by e-mail right away, with a tentative title and a few explanatory
sentences. This would then make it easier for Steve Bahry and I to
consider all the proposals eventually received. (Incidentally, Steve
will not be participating in this panel, and at present I do not
intend to either, unless such would be necessary so as to have four

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Thank you for your consideration. Best wishes,

Michael Sinclair, Ph.D
Independent Scholar (Toronto)

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