Tuesday, November 27, 2007

LECTURE- Women in the Kyrgyz Parliament, Gulnara Ibraeva, AUCA-SRC, Bishkek, Nov. 30

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LECTURE- Women in the Kyrgyz Parliament, Gulnara Ibraeva, Bishkek, Nov. 30

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Social Research Center at American University of Central Asia


Lecture: Women in the Kyrgyz Parliament: Past Experience and Opportunities
of New Electoral Process

Time: 15.00, November 30th, 2007

Venue: 232, AUCA (Main Building)

Speaker: Gulnara Ibraeva, Candidate Nauk of Sociological Sciences, and Chair
of Sociology Department, American University of Central Asia


Dr. Ibraeva will speak about important moments of lobbying special measures
to support women in politics and approved list of measures in the electoral
legislation. The presentation will also seek to answer the following
questions: what can be the outcomes of new electoral party system introduced
for the first time in Kyrgyzstan? In what way the used opacity procedures to
recruit women into parties can impact the results of forthcoming
parliamentary elections? Has the history of development of political parties
as closed man's clubs basically ended in Kyrgyzstan? Can the introduction of
special measures to support women, youth, and ethic groups be regarded as
progress or a way for failure? How do authorities and regimes formulate
"natural" categories of gender and age? What is the difference between age
and gender representation in the elective lists of political parities? What
is socio-demographical portrait of current female-candidates proposed by
political parties? How many new female candidates do we see in the current
election campaign? Which of potential female politicians will remain behind
the 2007 elections and why? In conclusion, Dr. Ibraeva will picture all
forms of resources owned by the female candidates, and describe scenarios of
how the party leaders can use the female political resource.

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