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PUBL.- Fonus No. 8, Intercultural Journal for Peace and Development

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PUBL.- Fonus no. 4, Intercultural Journal for Peace and Development

Posted by: Farangis Nurulla <>

The journal "Fonus" is the only interdisciplinary periodical in
Central Asia, discussing international, inter cultural issues for
peace and development. It comes out from 2001 onwards. We are deeply
thankful to the Embassy of The Islamic Republic of Iran for their
support to publish the latest issue No. 8.

Inter-cultural philosophy or, as they say, "dialogue of cultures", is
not so well worked out at the moment. An objective problem is that
the leading world banks still have no projects for financing this type
of research and activity. Such research is basic for peace and
development, which means that it has to be a priority in global peace
building. To provide that idea means to give awareness to our readers
of some important international documents. That is why we included
the Resolution of the Round Table entitled: "Central Asian Round Table
on the Exchange and Sharing of Good Practices in Inter-cultural
Dialogue and Promotion of the UNESCO's Declaration on Cultural
Diversity" of UNESCO, which was held between 4-6 June this year. The
ZSHIF was invited to share its practice. We also included some photos
of activity of URI, which supported us to create CC "Jalalid-Din Rumi".

The discussion about the current problems of the international,
inter-cultural study for peace and development starts in issue N8 with
a dialogue between Munira Shahidi, editor-in-chief of the journal, and
Ramazan Abdulatipov, Ambassador of Russia in Tajikistan. The dialogue
is followed by several papers dedicated to the 800th anniversary of
Jalalid-Din Rumi, as well as a new vision of the musical sources of
the East, which is visible in the researches of Russian scholars of
post-Soviet times, which follows by the article of Tajik-Canadian
composer Farangis Nurulla-Khoja about her experience in rethinking
maqams by the contemporary Western technique of composition. There
are also theses done by young researchers working at the Ziyodullo
Shahidi Foundation for the conference: "Knowledge, Creativity and
Transformation of the Society", which will be held in Vienna, Austria,
in December this year.

One of the most crucial contributions for the journal is a play by
Jura Soyfer, translated into Tajik. He is a well-known Austrian
writer of the beginning of the last century. This is the first
introduction, of that writer and antifascist to the Tajik readers,
though just a part of the play is published this time.

Editor-in-chief of the journal
Munira Shahidi
Tel. +992 372 224 23 42

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