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PUBL.- Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst, 31 October 2007, Is Online

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PUBL.- Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst, 31 October 2007, Is Online

Posted by: Svante Cornell <>

Welcome to the Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst, the biweekly journal of
the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute & Silk Road Studies Program Joint
Center. This issue features analytical articles on former President
Ter-Petrosyan's return to Armenian politics; an emerging Chinese energy
strategy in Eurasia; the appointment of a new head of Russia's southern
federal district; and the recent summit of Caspian states. In field
reports, articles on the real estate market in Tashkent, a new incident
in Georgia's conflict zones, Uzbek-Turkmen cooperation, and cotton
harvesting woes in Tajikistan.

Note: New Publications:

"The August 6 Bombing Incident in Georgia: Implications for the
Euro-Atlantic Region"
By Svante E. Cornell, David J. Smith, and S. Frederick Starr. Download

"The New Silk Roads: Transport and Trade in Greater Central Asia"
Edited By S. Frederick Starr, 510 pages. Download chapters at:

The 31 October issue of the Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst (Volume 9, no.
21) is now online at The PDF version
of the entire issue is available at:

Full contents:

Analytical Articles

Ter-Petrosyan Challenges Armenia's Karabakh Elite
Blanka Hancilova and Olga Azatyan

China's Recent Energy Gains in Central Asia: What Do They Portend?
Stephen Blank

The Political Considerations Behind Grigori Rapota's Appointment
Kevin Daniel Leahy

Second Caspian Summit Fails to Resolve Contentious Issues
Richard Weitz

Field Reports

Tashkent Real Estate Boom No Longer in Local Hands
Benjamin Abner

New Incident in Georgian-Abkhaz Conflict Zone Strains Russian-Georgian
Relations Further
Johanna Popjanevski

Uzbekistan-Turkmenistan: Latest Sign of Growing Regional Cooperation in
Central Asia
Erkin Akhmadov

The Battle for Tajikistan's White Gold
Sergey Medrea

News Digest:

The Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst is a bi-weekly publication of the
Central Asia-Caucasus Institute & Silk Road Studies Program, a Joint
Center affiliated with Johns Hopkins University-SAIS and the Institute
for Security and Development Policy, Stockholm.

The CACI Analyst welcomes submissions of articles and field reports. At
this moment, we are particularly interested in submissions on
development, economics and finance matters in Central Asia and the
Caucasus region, but all inquiries are welcome. Please contact the
Editor, Svante Cornell, at with a short description of
your article idea. Editorial principles are online at

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