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CONF./CFP - Iran and the Caucasus: Unity and Diversity, Yerevan, June 6-8, 2008

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CONF./CFP - Iran and the Caucasus: Unity and Diversity, Yerevan, June 6-8, 2008

Posted by: Khachik Gevorgyan <>

Call For Papers

International Conference: "Iran and the Caucasus: Unity and Diversity"
June 06-08, 2008
Yerevan, Armenia

Dear Colleagues,

ARYA International University (Yerevan) and the Caucasian Centre for
Iranian Studies (Yerevan), in collaboration with the Armenian
Association for Academic Partnership and Support, are organising an
international conference entitled "Iran and the Caucasus: Unity and
Diversity" on the problems of Irano-Caucasica.

The Seminar will be held in June 06-08, 2008.
Venue: ARYA International University, Yerevan, Armenia.

Once being a part of Eranshahr, the Caucasus with its ethnical,
linguistic and cultural diversity and uniqueness still preserves the
elements of the Iranian cultural heritage. The Irano-Caucasian
geographical domain covers contemporary Iran, Iraq, Armenia, the
Republic of Azerbaijan, Georgia, the Northern Caucasus, Eastern
Turkey, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and those of the Central
Asian countries, which have experienced the strong cultural and
political influence of Iran.

The conference will address and seek to answer mainly to the following
questions: What were the main principles of cultural unity and
diversity in this huge area? How and in what capacity the cultural
interactions were taking place? How were the literary motifs in the
region reflecting on each other? What is the cultural future of the
region? What are the modes of peaceful coexistence of different
civilizations and cultures?

Scholars and postgraduate students are invited to submit papers and
panel proposals relating to all aspects of humanities and social
sciences on Irano-Caucasica, including:

1. Peoples and their Identities, Ethnic and National Diversity:
Minorities and their Rights;
2. Historical Issues of the Region: History of the Iranian and
Caucasian Peoples (Ancient, Medieval and Modern);
3. Literatures and Languages of the Region, Folklore, Textology;
4. Armenia as a Bridge between Iran and the Caucasus;
5. Economic and Political Problems and Challenges of the Region,
Geopolitics of the Irano-Caucasica: Interdisciplinary Approach;
6. History of Religion: Religions of the region, Christianity, Islam,
Ethno-Confessional Groups (the Yezidies, Alavies, Russian Sectarians, etc.);
7. Archaeology, Anthropology, and Sociology;
8. Caspian Region: Past, Present, Future;
9. The Cultural and Political Future of the Region.

Abstracts (not exceeding 500 words) are to be emailed by March 15,
2008 to:
A brief CV, including contact details is to be included in the message.
A notification about acceptance of the papers will be sent due to
April 15, 2008.

Pre-organised panels should be thematically coherent and should
include title, abstracts, details of panel chair and participants.

The scheduled time for each paper will be 15 minutes plus 5 minutes
for discussion.
The working language of the Conference is English.

The conference papers are planned to be published in a separate volume.

For the scholars coming from the region there will be limited funding
to cover some expenses.

The next circular will be prepared right after the deadline for the
abstracts, and will contain details on programme, registration fee,
accommodation in Yerevan, the Armenian visa, etc.

Further information on the conference will appear on

For any further information do not hesitate to contact:
Dr. Khachik Gevorgyan,
Secretary of the Organising Committee

ARYA International University
Shahamiryanneri street, 18/2
Tel: +374 (10) 44-35-85
Fax: +374 (10) 44-23-07


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