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PUBL.- War and Peace in the Caucasus, Russia's Troubled Frontier, Vicken Cheterian

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PUBL.- War and Peace in the Caucasus: Russia's Troubled Frontier, V. Cheterian

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Vicken Cheterian, War and Peace in the Caucasus, Russia's Troubled
Frontier, Hurst (London) £25 and Columbia University Press (New York),
$40, 2009, 395 pages.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union the Caucasus was wracked by
ethnic and separatist violence as the peoples of the region struggled
for self-determination. Vicken Cheterian, who spent many years as a
reporter and analyst covering the region's conflicts, asks why
nationalism emerged as a dominant political current, and why, of the
many nationalist movements that emerged, some led to violence while
others did not. He explains also why minority rebellions were
victorious against larger armies, in mountainous Karabakh, Abkhazia,
and in the first war of Chechnya, and discusses the ongoing
instability and armed resistance in the North Caucasus. He concludes
his book by examining chapters the great power competition between
Russia, the US, and the EU over the oil and gas resources of the
Caspian region.

Table of Contents

1. The End of the Soviet Union and the Rise of Nationalism
2. History, Intellectuals and Conflict in the Caucasus
3. The Karabakh Conflict
4. Georgia, From National Liberation to State Collapse and Back
5. The Second Caucasus War
6. Sources of Conflict: Mass Trauma, Mobilization, Repression
7. Failure of Diplomacy
8. Oil, Pipelines and the New Geopolitics

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