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PUBL.- Turkish Palestine (1069-1917): Inscriptions from al-Khalil (Hebron), Nebi Musa and Other Palestinian Cities under Turkish Rule

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PUBL.- Turkish Palestine (1069-1917): Inscriptions from Palestinian Cities

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Book Announcement:

Turkish Palestine (1069-1917)
Inscriptions from al-Khalil (Hebron), Nebi Musa and Other Palestinian
Cities under Turkish Rule
By Mehmet Tütüncü

Corpus of Turkish Islamic Inscriptions, no. 2
Türk Islam kitabeleri dizisi, no. 2
ISBN 978-90-6921-004-9
SOTA Publications, 2008 Haarlem, Netherlands
With 163 illustrations and 3 maps
320 pages
Price: 59 euros

You can have a look at cover and download some sample pages from the
following address:

>From the Year 1069 until 1917 Turks Ruled in Greater Parts of Middle East
and also in todays Palestine. Fist The Seljukids, Artuqids and Zangids and
later Mamluks and lastly Ottomans. But despite this nearly 850 years long
rule the Turkish heritage and contribution is often overlooked and
underestimated in the literature. One of the most significant and visible
heritage in the sacred landscape of Palestine are the building activities
and inscriptions that are fixed in these buildings. This book is a follow
up to the in 2006 published Turkish Jerusalem (1516-1917), Ottoman
Inscriptions from Jerusalem and Other Palestinian Cities, (ISBN
90-807403-4-9). Was in the first volume recorded 122 inscriptions from
Jerusalem and 18 inscriptions outside Jerusalem; in this second volume 134
inscriptions are recorded from towns outside Jerusalem and 9 from
Jerusalem. Also the time range is also wider, was in TJ almost all
inscriptions from Ottoman times, this volume covers inscriptions from the
entrance of the first Turkish rule (1069) of the Saljukids to the end of
the Ottoman empire (1917). So therefore the title of Turkish Palestine
(1069-1917) is justified.

The earliest inscription is from the year 476/1083 (Jerusalem nr.
123). From next places and next number of inscriptions are included.
Hebron (73), Safed (12), Nabi Musa (7) Ramle (8), Nablus (5), Lod (5),
Yavne (4), Jaffa (8), and from Tanturah, Haifa, Beysan, Azariya,
Herzlya, Isdud, Dimra and Qalat Subaybah (1) inscription. There are
also recorded 9 inscriptions from Jerusalem that were missed in the
first volume (9) inscriptions. Each inscription is accompanied by high
quality photographs and commentary on subject and form of inscription.
The book is accompanied by a CD-ROM with digital versions of
photographs, so that one can compare the readings in details.

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Or write to the following address
Postbus 9642
2003 LP Haarlem


Acknowledgement of Illustrations
List of Tables and List of Maps

Catalogue of Corpus of Inscriptions

Inscriptions from Jerusalem (Addendum)
Inscriptions of Sultan Baybars in Palestine
Inscriptions from Zawiya -Al As´adiyya
Nabi Musa Inscriptions
Safed Inscriptions
El-Khalil (Hebron) Inscriptions
Nablus Inscriptions
Ramleh Inscriptions
Lod Inscriptions
Yavne Inscriptions
Jaffa Inscriptions
Nabi Rubin Inscription
Haifa Inscription
Beysan Inscription
Al-Azzariya Inscription
Haram Seyyidna Ali Inscription
Tughra's from Akka, Jaffa and Nablus
Qalat Suaybah
Tables (3-13)
Appendix: CD-ROM with digital version of the illustrations and other

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