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PUBL.- Journal of Eurasian Studies

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PUBL.- Journal of Eurasian Studies

Posted by: Borbála Obrusánszky <>

Today we launch a new quarterly, entitled Journal of Eurasian Studies.
It is published by the Foundation Mikes International and has an
international editorial board comprised of distinguished scholars and
professionals from the UK to Inner Mongolia.

The journal can be accessed at the following address:

The content of the first issue:

FARKAS, Flórián: Dear Reader (in English)
OBRUSÁNSZKY, Borbála: Gábor Bálint de Szentkatolna (in English)
ALIMBAY, Nursan: Community as a Principle Organizational Form of
Social Relations of Nomads (in English and in Russian)
ARADI, Éva: A Brief Introduction of a Great Explorer - Sir Aurel
Stein, (1862-1943) (in English)
BÉRCZI, Szaniszló: Ancient Eurasian Heritage Preserved in Japan I. --
Shrines, White Horses and Festivals -- (in English)
FARKAS, Flórián: Wolf Totem (in English)
MARÁCZ, László: Objection to the Forceful Finnization of the Ancient
History and Language of the Hungarians (in English)
MARCANTONIO, Angela: Debate on the Status of the Uralic Theory:
Critical Responses (in English)
OBRUSÁNSZKY, Borbála: Tongwancheng, the City of the Southern Huns (in English)

With kind regards,

Mikes International
The Hague, March 15, 2009

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