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PUBL.- Cultural Histories of Central Asia, Rashmi Doraiswamy, Ed.

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PUBL.- Cultural Histories of Central Asia, Rashmi Doraiswamy, Ed.

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Edited by
Rashmi Doraiswamy

Aakar Books
New Delhi


I. Introduction
Rashmi Doraiswamy

II. The Arts


2. Central Asian Architecture: The Persistence of Pre-Modernism
Romi Khosla

3. Sufi Remains: a Kazakh Story of Today
Kalpana Sahni

4. Synthesis in the Sky
K. T. Ravindran


5. The Fate of the Shashmaqom in Uzbekistan in the 20th Century
Dilorom Karomat

Visual Arts

6. The Synthetic Nature of the Early Central Asian Art
Radha Banerjee

7. Travelling Cultures
Gulammohammed Sheikh


8. Ramayan and Alpomysh: Two Epics, Two Heroes
Qamar Rais

9. Manas: The Socio-Cultural Heritage of the Kyrgyz People
Neelima Singh

10. Literature in the Khanate of Bukhara in the Nineteenth Century
Saifullah Saifi

11. Abai - a Prophet of Renaissance, a Bard of Enlightenment
Abhai Maurya


12. The Encounter of Modernities: Cinematic Adaptations of Two Stories by
Rashmi Doraiswamy

III. New Horizons

Thinkers, Travellers, Explorers

13. Remembering Al Farabi
Devendra Kaushik

14. Sir Marc Aurel Stein (1862 - 1943): The Expeditions and the Collections
Arup Banerjee

15. Kyrgyzstan in History: Accounts of Russian Scientists and Travellers
Ruby Roy

Traversing the Silk Road

16. Shifting Frames: Cultural Crossroads of the Past and Present
Rajeev Sethi

17. The Silk Road Re-Visited
Rta Chisti Kapur

18. Reviving the Silk Route: Problems and Prospects
Meena Singh Roy

IV. Notes on Contributors

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