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CONF. PROG.- OASIES Student Conference, Columbia Univ., New York, Mar. 28

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CONF. PROG.- OASIES Student Conference, Columbia Univ., New York, Mar. 28

Posted by: Gulnar Kendirbai <>

The Organization for the Advancement of Studies of Inner Eurasian Societies
at Columbia University is pleased to announce the Second Annual OASIES
Student Conference

Inner Eurasia: Transcending Boundaries

on Saturday, March 28, 2009.

10-10:30 Breakfast and Registration
IAB 707

10:30-12 "Negotiating Borders"
IAB 707

"Destiny and Fatality of the Last Soviet Generation: Timur
Bekmametov's 2006 'Day Watch'" - Anaita Khudonazar, University of
California at Berkeley

"Border-Making as National Consciousness: the Demarcation of the
Ferghana Valley, 1924-1927" - Benjamin Loring, Georgetown University

"Historiography Wars in Central Asia: Clashing History Narratives and
Post-Independence Statehood of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan" - Mohira
Suyarkulova, University of St. Andrews

"Community and Identity"
IAB 1219

"Comparative Study of Motifs in a Sassanid Fire-Temple and Central
Asian Art" - Parisa Atighi Moghadam, Tohoku University

"Kongrat Tribal Groups in Southern Uzbekistan: Overview of Studies" -
Otabek Gulyamov, Simmons College

"Kazakhstani Mass-Media Bias in Covering Ethnic Minority Issues" -
Dinara Tussupova, Oklahoma State University

"Culture of Modern Uzbekistan: Sociolinguistic Aspects" - Klara
Nazmutdinova, Iowa State University

12-1 Lunch
IAB 707

1-3 Film: "Gift to Stalin"
IAB 707

3-4:30 "Narratives of Empire"
IAB 707

"International Islam and Religious Identity in Central Asia" - James
Pickett, Princeton University

"Regional News and the Politics of Siberian Patriotism in the 1880s" -
David Rainbow, New York University

"The Image of the Kurds in the Sources of the Russian Empire" -
Oleksandr Liapkalo, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

"Economic and Security Policy"
IAB 1219

"Education in Kazakhstan: Economic Aspects" - Ainur Abdrazakova,
Florida State University

"Kazakh-Indian Nuclear Cooperation" - Bek-Ali Yerzhan, Al-Farabi
Kazakh National University

"European Neighbourhood Policy and the South Caucasus Countries (The
Case of Azerbaijan)" - Shahin Bayramov, Indiana University at Bloomington

"The Partnership of Kazakhstan and the European Union: the Energy
Dimension" - Ardak Yesdauletova, Eurasian National University

4:30-5:30 Reception
IAB 1219

The International Affairs Building (IAB) is located at 118th Street
and Amsterdam Avenue.

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