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PUBL.- The Journal of Power Institutions in Post-Soviet Societies, No. 9, 2009

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PUBL.- The Journal of Power Institutions in Post-Soviet Societies, No. 9, 2009

Posted by: Elisabeth Sieca-Kozlowski <>

Table of Contents

Issue 9 - March 2009 - NGOs and Power Ministries in Russia

Elisabeth Sieca-Kozlowski

NGOs and the Power Ministries in Russia: from Resistance to Cooperation?

NGOs and Power Ministries in Russia - Conversations

The Russian Point of View

Elisabeth Sieca-Kozlowski

"We are perceived as a foreign, 'western' element by Russian society"
- Interview with Liudmila Alpern, Center for Prison Reform, Moscow, 2
October 2008

Eva Bertrand

"Les militaires ne savent plus comment travailler sans les Comités de
mères de soldats" [The military do not know how to work without the
Soldiers' Mothers Committees anymore ]- Interview with Valentina
Melnikova, Union Soldiers' Mothers Committees in Russia, Moscou, le 30
avril 2008 (in French / Russian version in Annex)

Françoise Daucé

"A way to defend people is to build informal ties with power
institutions" - Interview with Ashot Airapetian, president of the
Center for Interethnic Cooperation, Moscow, 3 June 2008 (in Russian)

Gilles Favarel-Garrigues and Elisabeth Sieca-Kozlowski

"Two conditions for a successful partnership: high-levels of NGO
professionalism and the readiness of local and regional
administrations to find new forms of partnership" - Interview with
Asmik Novikova, Demos Centre, Moscow, 6 March and 12 October 2008

Elisabeth Sieca-Kozlowski

"We make precedents, pushing the whole system and giving hope to
society" - E-mail interview with Pavel Chikov, Agora Association, 7 July 2008

A Foreign Point of View

Anne Le Huérou and Elisabeth Sieca-Kozlowski

"Il y a une demande des structures d'État à continuer de travailler
avec Caritas" [There is a demand from State bodies to continue to work
with Caritas] - Interview with Anouk Coqblin, Program Officer at the
Emergency Desk, Secours Catholique Caritas France, Paris, 20 November
2008 (in French)

NGOs and Power Ministries in Russia - Book Reviews (4 titles)

Elisabeth Sieca-Kozlowski

Demos Center, Militsiia mezhdu Rossiei i Chechnei. Veterany konflikta
v rossiiskom obshchestve, Moskva, Demos, 2007, 304 c.

Anne Le Huérou

Tatyana Lokshina (Dir.), Chechnya. Zhizn' navoine, Tsentr sodeistviia
provedeniiu issledovanii grazhdanskogo obshchestva Demos, 2007, 248 pages

Mikhail Roshchin

Il'dar Isangulov, U poslednei cherty. Dokumenty i materialy o
deiatel'nosti mafii v Respublike Bashkortostan, Moskva, Gainullin,
2006, 248 pp.

Vahan Galoumian

Lisa Sundstorm, Foreign Funding: Foreign Assistance and NGO
Development in Russia, Standford, Standford University Press, 2006, 296 pages

Book Reviews - General (4 titles)

Mark Edele

Elena Seniavskaia, Protivniki Rossii v voinakh XX veka. Evoliutsiia
"obraza vraga" v soznanii armii i obshchestva, Moskva, ROSSPEN, 2006, 287 s.

Isabelle Facon

Dale Herspring, The Kremlin and the High Command. Presidential Impact
on the Russian Military from Gorbachev to Putin, Lawrence, University
Press of Kansas, 2006, 242 pages

Dale R. Herspring

Natalia Danilova, Armiia i obshchestvo: printsipy vzaimodeistviia,
Sankt-Petersburg, Norma, 2007, 343 s.

Louise Shelley

Gilles Favarel-Garrigues, La police des moeurs économiques de l'URSS à
la Russie (1965-1995), Paris, CNRS Editions, 2007, 320 pages

Tribute to Stanislav Markelov

Aude Merlin

Le pouvoir de la loi contre la loi du pouvoir - Entretien avec
Stanislav Markelov, avocat, Moscou, 3 juin 2008 (in French)

Aude Merlin

The power of law versus the law of power - Interview of Stanislav
Markelov, Lawyer, Moscow, 3 June 2008 (in English)

Elisabeth Sieca-Kozlowski
Chief Editor
The Journal of Power Institutions in Post-Soviet Societies

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