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CFA- Intensive Summer Course of Armenian Language and Culture in Venice

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CFA- Intensive Summer Course of Armenian Language and Culture in Venice

Posted by: Sona Tajiryan <>

University of Venice
Intensive Summer Course of Armenian Language and Culture

August 2009

The intensive summer course of Armenian Language and Culture of the
University of Venice (Department of Eurasian Studies), in
collaboration with the Cultural Association "Padus-Araxes", will take
place from August 3rd to the 19th. Examinations on the 20th. Arrivals
on August 1st and 2nd. Departures on August 21st and 22nd.

Applications must be done personally and by written giving a phone and
a fax number, and also an em address. For acceptance it is necessary
to be at least of eighteen years of age.

The course has three/four basic levels from the Absolute beginners to
the Advanced. Lessons take place from Monday to Friday five hours a
day in the morning. Attendance of lessons is compulsory. Various
cultural initiatives will accompany the course.

Also free courses of Duduk, Armenian dance and Armenian cuisine, will
be offered in the afternoon, to participants who wish to take part.

Tuition fee is 690 euro or its equivalent in other currency. Of this
amount 500 euro must be sent as a registration fee upon acceptance
within the deadline of March 31st. The total amount will be settled On
the arrival day in one of the main Western currencies. This is an
absolutely basic condition for access to the lodgment. Money once paid
will not be refunded for any reason. A 10% discount is applied to
those who have already attended the course, at least twice, with a
good result as well as to one of the close relatives (parents,
brothers, husband /wife). International bank checks or money-orders
must be MADE OUT ONLY to Associazione Padus-Araxes , and mailed to:
Assoc. Padus-Araxes - c/o Dipt. Studi Eurasiatici - S. Polo 2035 -
30125 Venezia (Italia). Personal checks are not accepted. Postal
checks as well as personal checks are not accepted. All checks must
have the cover of the bank and set on an associated Italian Bank. All
are kindly requested not to do bank transfers for the high commission
rates. In any case all bank expenses will be charged to the applicant.

A lodgment is offered to the participants at a Student Home in the
historic centre of Venice. Accommodation fee for the whole period from
August 1st through the 21st included is: 820 euro for a single room,
610 euro for a double room. Any per diem calculation is not admitted
within these period. A lunch or dinner will cost nearly 8 euro to be
paid on place.

For information fax to +39.041.2414448 or send an em to
<>.For urgent information you can CALL at
+39.041.2414448 on Monday and Thursday morning from 9.30 am to 12.30
pm, or at +39.347.4562981 at 8-10 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday and
Friday (Italian time). Be sure you have taken into consideration the
time difference with your country. In case of eventual absence, leave
a clear, understandable message to the automatic answering device
giving name and phone number. You will be called back. Do not call for
any reason the offices of the University of Venice. The mobile phone
can be called at also on Monday and Thursday morning.

For more information visit:

Sona Tajiryan
YSU, Faculty of Oriental Studies,
Department of Arabic Studies,
Yerevan, Armenia

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